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5 Common Problems with Laptops And Their Fixes


Despite all the care, laptops face problems. But an intelligent user knows when to go for laptop repair service. 

Problems with a laptop will land a user into expensive repairs if the repair is delayed. But there are many issues with laptops that can be easily solved. Here is a list of easy solutions to 5 common laptop problems that can be solved . On the other hand , there is a good network of companies offering laptop repair at professionals and also sending a laptop for repair away from the owner’s gaze can disturb mental peace on its safety. 


Any laptop repair service near me will tell you why and when the laptop starts overheating, and how it decreases the overall performance and leads to system crashes.

Computers emit a lot of heat but without the exertion of a laptop service, there are methods to manage that heat. The compact size and lack of proper ventilation are some of the reasons for this overheating.

Excessive dust will clog air vents making the system unable to blow cold air in order to function effectively. Overheating can be addressed by cleaning the air vents using keyboard-cleaners or soft clothes. To block dust clogging the vents cover up the intake vent with a filtered cloth.

In case that does not work, update the system’s BIOS using the installation files and automatically handle the heat issue. But remember to keep the laptop connected to a power source while updating the BIOS. 

Virus problem

A laptop will shrink its performance when affected by malware and viruses. So, install antivirus software that is paid or free tool coming by default with the operating system and Malwarebytes can protect from pesky malware. 

Battery draining fast 

After long use, a lithium-ion battery loses its ability to retain charges. So, battery replacement becomes a necessity. A trained laptop repair expert can help you to arrange a new battery for a decent cost. 

Keyboard problem 

Prolonged use can make keyboards deteriorate as keys wear out and get dislocated. To deal with this, laptop manufacturers have online guidance to replace a keyboard.  

System crash

A user can panic when the laptop does not start. But the solution is simple. First, identify the issue by removing the hard drive under the guidelines and store the drive in a USB enclosure and connect it with a USB cable to a USB port on a PC that is already working.

If the file system is functional the hard drive will display the external drive the path way to transfer data to and from the drive.


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