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The 6 Event Management Blogs All Itineraries Should Read

Management Blogs


There are in numerous event operation blogs out there, but nothing has time to read them all. So which bones have the stylish information to get you ahead in the events assiduity?

Ten’s our list of six event planning blogs that always educate us commodity new. To avoid bias, we’re leaving the Social Tables blog off the list. (But you should still presumably check it out!)

Discover the Event Management Blogs with Critical Assiduity Perceptivity

1. Endless Events

Endless Event Management is a civil event product company. They’ve experience helping their guests put on some enough memorable events like Ridiculous-Con, The Colour Run, and theX-Games.

Putting on these events has been no easy task. But the platoon at Endless is eager to partake their events stylish practices via their event planning blog.
Perk the Endless blog showcases a daily, interactive videotape podcast called. Then, they bring in event assiduity stagers to do educational interviews for anyone interested in learning further about what makes events successful.

2. Techsytalk

Liz King Caruso is a tech- expertise diary who knows that integrating technology into your events can drive success. Since Liz was always following technology trends herself, she decided to start an event planning blog to help others discover the rearmost in event planning technology.

Liz King also hosts a periodic live event in New York called Techsytalk LIVE, where itineraries can engage with one another in a tech-forward terrain.

3. BizBash

though it’s not technically a “blog,” BizBash is still a precious online resource for all event itineraries. This point covers event assiduity news, ideas, and trends. You’ll find content of a wide variety of transnational events.

While BizBash’s content will help you learn about the assiduity, some of their tools can help you in your day-to- day work. Their venue- chancing tool and supplier directory can help you to find the right venues and suppliers for any kind of event.

4. Eventtia Blog

Eventtia is an event technology company that creates best- by- class software for commercial, advanced education, and association events. And they also be to have an instructional event operation blog. Whether you’re looking for how to vend your event, want ideas to engage attendees, or looking for a trusted recommendation for a new event tool, Eventtia’s blog has it.

5. OFD Consulting

OFD is a niche marketing and public relations agency that services the marriage assiduity. But their moxie does n’t end at just marriages. Meghan Ely, the company’s proprietor, knows the events assiduity in and out. Her posts will educate you on motifs that cover further than just events, similar as advertising, social media, and networking.

6. Eventbrite Blog

The Eventbrite blog is a wealth ofknowledge.However, event marketing ideas, or event tech, If you want to learn about event basics. Blog motifs gauge every stage of the event lifecycle. This makes nearly every blog share-good, no matter what part you play in making an event be.

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