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What SPF factor does my skin type need?

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Yes, the sun is back! Time for summer days filled with terraces, barbecues and water fun. The brighter the sun, the less clothing we often wear. Especially then it is important to provide our exposed skin with a good layer of sun protection. Red-burned skin is not only very painful, but can also have far-reaching consequences such as accelerated skin aging and, in the worst case, cancer.

So the message is to lubricate a sun product properly and regularly . The SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, on these products indicates to what extent they protect you from the sun. The higher the SPF, the more harmful UV rays it will block. Just like with other skin care, not every sun product is suitable for every skin type. 

In the sun category, we make a distinction between the following 4 skin types, each of which has its own ‘sun-typical’ characteristics:

  • Skin type 1: milky white skin, red or light blond hair, freckles, blue eyes. This skin type always burns in the sun and has no predisposition to tan.
  • Skin type 2: pale skin, blond or light brown hair, freckles, gray, green or hazel eyes. This skin type often burns, but can also tan slightly.
  • Skin type 3: pale skin, dark blond, auburn or dark brown hair, brown eyes. This skin type burns little and tans easily.
  • Skin type 4: tan skin, dark eyes, dark hair. This skin type rarely burns and has no trouble tanning.

Skin type 1 therefore needs a higher sun protection factor than types with tinted skin. Of course, other elements such as your destination and the weather also play a role. The diagram below can help you on your way in your search for the ideal solar product:

A good sunscreen alone is not enough, you also have to use it correctly. A wafer-thin layer will not provide the necessary protection, so spread your sun product liberally. Also think of ‘forgotten’ body parts such as the back of your knees or the sides of your body. But the most important thing is of course repeat, repeat, repeat. It is best to reapply yourself every 2 hours or after a splash in the water. Cool down your body after sunbathing with a refreshing, hydrating after- sun to prevent dehydration.

Above all, take the time to choose a good sunscreen with a texture that you find pleasant. Your skin will thank you for it later!

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