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Tips for less stress



An important meeting, job interview or all-important competition? Everyone has to deal with stress from time to time. During stressful periods, our body reacts differently than usual. We break out in a sweat, our hearts start beating like crazy and our breathing quickens. Stress can not only be annoying but also unhealthy for our body, especially when it comes to long-term stress. The tips below will therefore help you to keep calm even in times of stress.

Healthy exercise and regular sports have a proven anti-stress effect. During exercise, your body produces endorphins, a hormone that makes you feel happy and reduces stress levels. So put on your sneakers and get out there!

Eat and drink healthy

One person is a stress eater, the other eats nothing at all. However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet even in periods of stress. Avoid foods that are high in fats and sugars. These give you a quick energy boost at first, but then leave you tired and listless. Drinks such as coffee and alcohol should also be put to the side. Instead, opt for water or (decaffeinated) tea . The latter has a calming effect on the body.

Get enough sleep

Stress makes us fall asleep worse and also reduces the quality of our sleep. A good night’s sleep does wonders. Therefore, try to clear your head completely before going to bed. For example, take a warm bath or shower, read a good book and pay attention to your breathing. Also, regularize your sleeping pattern and go to sleep at a fixed hour every night.


Sufficient relaxation helps to reduce feelings of stress. So try to keep doing fun things even in stressful periods, such as meeting friends, lounging on the couch or visiting a sauna.

Despite these tips, do you notice that your feelings of stress are still taking the upper hand? Then try a dietary supplement . These supplements have a relaxing effect and calm your body physically and mentally.

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