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Trending Tattoos of 2022

Trending Tattoos


90s-Style Butterflies

In 2022, tattoos like armbands and tribal designs were popular. But a lot of tattoo artists saw a flood of different kinds of butterfly tattoos. Butterfly tattoos seem to be coming back with a vengeance this year because of how they look and what they mean.


Colorful tattoos are becoming popular again, which is a big change from the black and grey tattoos that were popular in the past. This trend is more popular now than it was in the past, because people realise that colour tattoos can be bright and bold, and if they are taken care of, they can stay that way for years.

Micro Realism

Micro-realism tattoos use the same technique as photorealism, but they only cover a small part of the skin. It’s popular because it follows the trend of acceptable line tattoos, which has been going on for a few years.

Even though micro-realism tattoos are small works of art, they are one of the things people want the most. Recently, a lot of clients have been asking for a small photo of their family or pet. Because it is so small and can be placed in certain ways, it can be seen as a piece of jewellery, just like small fine line tattoos.


People are getting more used to bigger tattoos, but keep in mind that smaller, simpler tattoos aren’t going anywhere. Many people want small tattoos that are simple. Sometimes all that’s needed is an outline or a little shading.

These tattoos are small, easy to hide, and great for people who don’t want to get a big design. These are a good choice if you really want some ink but don’t want to sit still for hours.


In 2022, people are also getting spiritual tattoos like mandalas, hamsas, and lotus flowers. People often connect with them because they are closely linked to healing, balance, growth, rebirth, and good energies. They are often done in the “dotwork” style, which is a detailed tattoo that is made up of a lot of dots. Even though the process takes a long time, the result is amazing.

Lightning Tattoos

We didn’t see this tattoo trend coming. Still, it’s here, and we think it will only get bigger and better in 2022. Be ready to see more black lightning tattoos that take the traditional lightning bolt and give it a modern twist.


Keep an eye out for different ways to use Dotwork. Any aspect can be constructed – animals, florals, etc. This style of tattoo has been around for a long time, but as more people watch other people get it done, I’ve seen its popularity grow. In the past, the problem was that small details would leak together, but with the right artist, this can be stopped.


From the above we conclude that we have mentioned seven latest design of tattoos such as 90’s- style butterflies, colourful, micro realism, minimalist, spiritual, lightning tattoos and dotwork.

These all above mentioned tending tattoos are popular in 2022 some of them are small or larger in size, some are easy to hide and some not. If you also want tattoos then visit best tattoo artist in St Petersburg FL.

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