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How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

and finding a real estate agent


Technology has changed most industries in modern society, and real estate is not immune to this change. Creating a more efficient, seamless transaction, technology is here to stay in real estate. We have compiled our top ways technology is changing the real estate industry so you can feel up-to-date with all the changes within the real estate industry.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, a great first place to start is by interviewing and finding a real estate agent to help guide you through the sale. Selecting the right agent for you can make your transaction easier and more tailored to your needs.

Virtual Listings

The biggest change within real estate as technology has advanced is the ability for agents to create online listings. This gives prospective buyers a deep look into property details without ever needing to schedule a showing. Learn about school districts, taxes, and home details with the click of a button. Online websites that offer listings save time for both agents and buyers and make marketing properties easier than ever for sellers.

3-D Tours

Go beyond the curated photos to get a real feel for the layout and space in a home utilizing the technology of 3-D virtual tours. These are game-changing for those moving out of state, and even those moving to the next neighborhood over. 3-D tours make for more efficient showings, saving time and money for both clients and agents.

Virtual Staging

Virtually staged photos show buyers the potential of a space, without requiring the real estate professional to hire and pay for actual home staging. This is a great way to show off what a space could be, without the hassle of actual staging. Virtual staging is definitely changing the real estate industry by making listings more appealing and getting homes under contract faster.


Electronically signing documents has taken a lot of confusion and hassle out of multi-party real estate transactions. Signing online ensures you never miss an initial, and that all parties are on the same page when it comes to the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction.

Digital Marketing

The old tactics of real estate marketing aren’t gone for good, but they have been supplemented in recent years with digital marketing. Real estate professionals are utilizing online listings, social media promotion, and email marketing to reach clients and get listings under contract faster in a more cost-effective manner.

Database Maintenance

This one is for real estate agents. Technology has absolutely changed the game in database maintenance for agents. Before the onset of technology, agents would have handwritten details of past clients to keep in touch with. With modern technology at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to maintain important client relationships and help grow a realtor’s business.

We hope you feel enlightened and in awe of how technology has changed the real estate industry in modern times. Making every transaction more efficient and seamless, technology is a huge part of the real estate world and it is helping the industry advance as the years come.

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