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How to Save Money When Hiring a Limo

Hiring a Limo


Are you shying off hiring a limo because of the cost?A limo is a luxury car, and the majority of people wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in it.

But the cost of hiring a limo stops them from going for it. Don’t be discouraged! You could use some tips to get a good deal when hiring a limo for your special occasion.

Read on to learn the tips that will help you save money when hiring a limo.

1. Compare Charges from Different Companies

A common mistake that people make is hiring the first limo rental company that they come across. Don’t be one of them. Instead, get quotes from three or more companies and compare their rates.

And price is not the only thing you look at when doing the comparison. Take a look at the features and services that you need. With some research, you will get to save some bucks without compromising on quality.

2. Book at the Right Time

If your event has a flexible date, then hire a limo service during the off season. Like in any other service industry, the demand for limos goes up when events like weddings, proms, or graduations are common in your locality.

As the demand for limo services increases, so does the price of hiring one. So if you can, don’t hire a limo during such peak seasons to increase your chances of a bargain. During the off-season, the cost of hiring a limo can be reduced by up to 40%!

3. Book in Advance

You will probably be planning for the occasion for months. So why wait till the last minute to hire a limo?

Most limo companies have early bookings and may charge higher rates for last-minute reservations, if you can get that last-minute reservation at all during a busy season.

Once you set the date for your occasion and know the number of people in your group, go ahead and call that limo rental company. You might need to pay a deposit upfront, but doing so will save you money and also help reduce stress.

4.  Get Loyalty Rewards

You’ll be surprised that some limo rental companies give special discounts to loyal customers. Why not grab such offers?

If your line of work will require you to hire limos or minibus charter services often, then hire from the same company every time. After using their limo services for some time, you can ask for loyalty discounts.

You can even accumulate loyalty points enough to give you a free ride in your favorite limousine.

5.  Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right limo size should be an obvious way of saving money. Usually, limousines come with different seating capacities, and the bigger ones that hold more people will always be more expensive.

So hire a limo based on the size of your group. Getting a smaller limo will make for a more intimate experience with the whole group and save you money while also being perfectly luxurious.

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