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How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Home More Eco-Friendly


Making your home appear eco-friendly can be difficult at times- especially when for so long we have relied on ways to make our home function and be aesthetically pleasing that aren’t so kind to the environment. However, here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a few top tips on how to make your home eco-friendly.

Buy Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

A great way to make your home more eco-friendly is to invest in some energy efficient light bulbs. Although energy-efficient bulbs have been around for years, unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners make the most of them- and it’s only over the last few years that homeowners have begun to use them in their home. The beauty of energy-efficient light bulbs is that they are seriously effective- as their durability means you will save money instead of frequently replacing your light bulbs around the house. Additionally, you can control their settings and have more freedom on how dim or bright you want the lights to shine.

Insulate Your Home Properly:

One of the easiest ways to make your home eco-friendlier is to make sure that the property itself is insulated, so that you can not only save money but be kinder to the environment too. A great place to start when you’re looking to insulate your home is to begin with the walls and roof of your house. This is because aside from the windows, this is where you will lose the most heat. Ensure your roof is properly insulated, and that your walls have been filled with the right type of insulation so that you don’t have to worry about heat escaping through the walls. It’s also a good idea to make sure that any windows you have are double glazed.

Try to be Green When You Clean:

As homeowners, we tend to use cleaning products that aren’t very environmentally friendly for our homes. Therefore, a great way to make your home environmentally friendly is to begin using green cleaning products that work well for us in terms of cleaning but are also great as they are kinder to the environment. A perfect alternative is to use bicarbonate soda, lemon juice and a splash of vinegar as a way to kill bacteria.

Be Green When Decorating:

Decorating our properties is a staple part of being a homeowner- and although you may think there’s no harm in adding a lick of paint to your property, it can actually be super harmful. Most paints are filled with chemicals and emit gases which can be toxic. Therefore, a natural solution would be to invest in water-based paints, as these have a lot more natural ingredients which create the pigment- and therefore are better for not only your health, but the environment and even the aesthetic of your property. Alternatively, oil-based paints are another great alternative to buy.

Be Green When Building:

soil modification

Infographic provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc., a soil modification company.

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