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Alexandra lozano helping immigrants “fix without going out!”

Alexandra lozano


The Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law team is dedicated to helping immigrant survivors of abuse gain safe and legal residency in the United States. Below are some ways they help clients apply for I-360 VAWA, the eligibility requirements, and what the team can do for them.


What does alexandra lozano’s saying “fix without going out” mean?


“fix without going out” refers to Alexandra Lozano and her law firm helping immigrants fix their legal status without having to leave the United States. Their firm is a leader in the nation regarding I-360 VAWA applications.

When it comes to the sensitive nature of falling under the category of a battered spouse or child, Abogada Alexandra and her firm understand how to navigate these difficult situations. Lozano and the rest of her immigration firm are vocal advocates for protecting abuse survivors.

The law is complex when it comes to proving the presence of battery or extreme cruelty without having the physical evidence to prove it. Thankfully, Abogada Alexandra and her law firm have years of experience in this field of law.

Victims of domestic violence are already vulnerable and may not report their abuse out of fear of what could happen due to their legal status. In this case, the immigration team at Lozano’s firm understands that the absence of reporting doesn’t mean the abuse isn’t happening.

They also understand that some members of the family where this is occurring want to stay together. Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law will validate your case, and they will help you stay together as a family despite the difficult circumstances. The goal is that anyone who is in an abusive situation has options- whether they decide to leave or decide to stay, they will not have to do so because of fear of immigration reprecussions.

When applying for the I-360 VAWA, you can stay married and live with your partner while completing the process confidentially. The immigration firm has experience handling these complicated situations, so each team member understands why a client may wish to pursue this application without wanting to leave his or her current situation.


How Abogada Alexandra Can Help Victims of Domestic Violence with Their Immigration Cases


Unfortunately, domestic violence is more common than you may think, even among those fighting against deportation in the United States. Some people experiencing abuse don’t even realize that they’re a victim of abuse.

Those who do know they’re being abused may not want to get help because of the trouble it can cause their families. Abogada Alexandra and her law firm understand the difficulty of these situations.

As a result of their careful handling of these sensitive immigration cases, their firm has filed and won thousands of I-360 VAWA cases. One of the central goals of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is to help survivors of abuse obtain legal status in the United States through I-360 VAWA forms.

Individuals fighting an immigration case to become citizens who are married to U.S citizens or permanent residents may still petition for the I-360 VAWA even if the abuse wasn’t physical.

Individuals who have been divorced or separated from a U.S citizen or permanent resident at any time within the last two years are still eligible to apply for the I-360 VAWA. Another commonly overlooked fact regarding who is eligible for the I-360 VAWA is parents who have been a victim of abuse, extreme cruelty, or violence at the hands of their adult children.

The presence of physical violence is not necessary for it to be considered abuse and for individuals to be eligible. Alexandra Lozano and her firm are dedicated to helping anyone who has been a victim of abuse, cruelty, and violence, no matter who the abuser was.


Situations That Alexandra Lozano Can Help You Handle


Abogada Alexandra and her firm can help you navigate various situations that qualify as cruel or abusive. Below are some examples of abuse or cruelty that make an individual eligible for the I-360 VAWA form.


If your spouse or child is 21 years of age or older:


  1. Threatens to call immigration to get you.
  2. Threatens to file false police reports.
  3. Actively files false police reports.
  4. Controls and restricts your finances.
  5. They don’t allow you to send your own money.
  6. Monitors your cell phone and social media accounts.
  7. Forces you to take phone calls using speaker phone with them in the room.
  8. Requires you to let them know where you are at all times.
  9. Treat you as a servant or domestic worker.
  10. Abuses drugs or alcohol that causes them to act out of character.


How Services at Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Can Help


Abogada Alexandra and her team can help you get various benefits when you become one of her clients. Some of these benefits include*:

  • You can get your green card and “FIX WITHOUT GOING OUT!” of the country despite having entered the country illegally.
  • You won’t have to apply for the I-601A Waiver.
  • You can still obtain a legal work permit and residency even if you’ve unlawfully entered the United States on more than one occasion.
  • You can still apply if you have been previously convicted of a crime.

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is dedicated to helping immigrants find safe and legal residency within the United States. Lozano and her team will navigate this challenging process so that you don’t have to endure abuse to remain in the U.S.

*Every case is unique and individual and requires a legal consultation. Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice.

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