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4 Important Things thatYou Should Know About Buying a Domain Name

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Most businesses today have a website to attract customers, who conduct research on their side before buying a product or service. Without a good domain name, a business website hardly gets noticed or visited by customers who look for your product or service. A unique website address will help increase brand awareness, give credibility and bring more traffic to your website. To buy domain name is not easy, for there are over two billion websites on the Internet, and they are identified by a distinctive domain name. The names you desire to have may be taken by some other websites.

You need to find a domain that gives some information about your brand, company or product to the Internet users who want to visit it. Most of the names you find suitable for your business may not be available to buy. In such a case, you can get the assistance of a reliable domain name service company or domain registrar that can provide a perfect name your new website wants. For the purpose, you need to keep in mind some important aspects like:

1. Choosea domain made of keyword combinations, which is simple, distinguishable and memorable

Your website will have numerous keywords that match your brand or business. They communicate something about your business, which your customers would like to know. Using appropriate keyword combinations will help potential customers reach your website easily. However, you should be creative to have a distinctive word or phrase out of the keyword combinations, and it should be simple and short and memorable for anyone to type on the URL space bar.

A name that is between 8-14 characters and easy to spell is remembered by people, for it does not put any stress on their memory. For instance, the names like ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ are some popular websites based in Singapore. They are easily remembered and therefore, attract a lot of audience.

2. Don’t include numbers and hyphens in your name

Your chosen domain name should be free of any special characters, numbers and hyphens. Though hyphens and numbers are allowed in a website address, they may confuse the user when typing an address on the URL space bar. To bring more traffic to your website, you may have a one-word domain like Google or Amazon, which are easily spelled and memorized by the visitors online.

3. Usethe service of a recognized domain name registrar

If you want to know which domain names are available and not in use, you need to get connected with a reliable domain name service provider. They are generally Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited, and they would have gone through the in-depth process of accreditation checks. They can help you find your preferred domain through their domain name tool or generator, and help you:

  • Have a competitivedomain name that is not in use
  • With its registration and management
  • Have personalized email addresses which can be used on any device
  • With a domain renewal through management tools
  • With DNS hosting
  • By providing complete support 24 hours

4. Choose a suit abledomain name extension

Your business website address needs a domain name extension. There are generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as com, .net, .org, .online, .biz, .info and .asia used by many types of business websites. You can also look for country-code domains, .co,, .us,,,, etc.

With a reliable web hosting service provider, you can buy domain name that perfectly matches your business website.

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