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Why Blanketing Your Horse In Cold Weather Is Beneficial

Horse In Cold Weather


Caring for a horse’s health is equally crucial regardless of the season. Blankets typically shield horses from various weather and climatic situations. Giving your horse the best fit, protection, and comfort is crucial for your peace of mind. The perfect blanket will aid in maintaining your horse’s health and regulating body temperature.

There are benefits to having your horse wear a waterproof horse blanket while it’s cold outside. If you are firmly opposed to blanketing your horse, that is OK. You might want to stop reading right now. Continue reading, however, if you are interested in learning more benefits of having your horse wear a blanket in the winter.

1. It keeps them warm.

Yes. Your horse will stay warm under a blanket. If you cover him with a fleece horse blanket, such as one with 300 grams of fill, he could also get too warm. It takes some balance to determine how thick a blanket your horse needs.

Your horse has to have the right blanket on him at the right time to be warm and avoid using all of his energy trying to stay warm in the coldest weather.

2. It also keeps them dry.

This is more important than the warming component. If your horse is wet, he will become cold. Therefore, if you can keep him dry, he will stay warmer.Most horse owners choose to blanket their horses when it’s expected to be extremely cold and wet. The main objective here is to keep them dry. A horse can typically stay warm, provided he can maintain his dryness. But if he gets wet and has no sebum-barrier to keep him warm, he will get cold.

This is when the waterproof quality of dressage saddle and horse blankets is useful. If the blanket is waterproof, your horse will stay dry. If the blanket doesn’t have waterproofing, it will get heavier as it absorbs water. So be cautious when choosing a high-quality, waterproof horse blanket. If you can keep your horse dry, the battle to keep him warm during cold spells is over half won.

3. To keep the horse clean

One of the biggest benefits of blanketing your horse is that he will stay clean, especially if he develops into a furry monster throughout the winter. Because it’s freezing, bathing a horse in winter is not smart! Because of not bathing, the horse gets dirty from rolling and resting down.

Keep a horse turnout blanket on him to keep him clean so you can ride more easily and quickly. Make sure he is always wearing the appropriate blanket, though. In addition, if the temperature goes above 50 degrees, the blanket should be removed.

Wrapping it up

It is ultimately up to you to cover your horse with a blanket throughout the winter. Additionally, most horses are at ease with or without a blanket. However, make sure that any decision is in the horse’s best interest. You shouldn’t feel pressured to blanket or not to blanket. Make a plan before you begin by doing your research. Blanketing has benefits but the issue is deciding if it is the best choice for your horse.

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