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Who is Mohit Kamboj? How Mohit Kamboj reached Mumbai from Varanasi, know the whole story.



India, February 9th, 2023: Mohit Kamboj remembers events from his past that have shaped the person he is now. Mohit Kamboj has experienced a lot over his very adventurous life, progressing from a modest teenager in Varanasi to the head of the Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association to the shrewd businessman he is today.

The life of Mohit Kamboj, a multitalented individual, commences in Varanasi, India, where his father had a thriving wholesale store and jewellery company. Young Mohit Kamboj, aka Mohit Bhartiya, was raised in a home influenced by his father, and he gives him full credit for developing his business sense. Mohit Kamboj agrees that he admires his father’s strong financial insight and values the fact that he introduced him to all the facets of the industry.

Mohit Kamboj wanted to leave his home and relocate to Mumbai as time progressed because he was determined to launch his individual organization. Mohit admits that departing from his parents was hard for him and that he felt a mixture of exhilaration and terror while he was preparing to leave.

Mohit Kamboj, also known as Mohit Bharatiya, earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce and economics from a prestigious institution in Mumbai in 2002. Mohit Kamboj founded the KBJ Group after earning his degree from the aforementioned institution.

A privatized multinational company, KBJ Group is involved in a number of industries, including bullion, jewellery, leisure, investment properties, and tourism. Aksha Kamboj, his wife, recently became a board member of the company’s executive management.

The KBJ Group is one of Mumbai’s top family-run firms in 2023. The family’s business tradition has considerably gained a competitive advantage, which is continuing to diversify into new fields. Currently, KBJ’s Workforce includes between 101 and 250 people. The Mohit Bharatiya Foundation has developed as a component of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative of the KBJ Group with the goal of promoting social advancement and ecological sustainability.As an overall perspective on his journey, Mohit Kamboj adds, “The journey has been challenging, but I am content where I’m at”.

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Mohit Bharatiya is a maestro at what he does and a loving parent to his two children. To establish an ideal foundation for the kids, he thinks that the mother and father should share parental duties fairly. Mohit Kamboj’s strong friendship with his own parents has shown him the worth of family ties, which frequently transcend the realm of the personal sphere. He emphasises that his parents played a significant part in shaping him into an entrepreneurial person.

According to Mohit Kamboj, the objective is to impart to his children the identical virtues and mastery that his parents had given him. The family is all set to achieve this aim as the wife and KBJ Group member Aksha Kamboj steps in.

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