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What are the Benefits of Using a Dog Harness?

Using a Dog Harness


It can be hard to know whether to use a dog collar or a harness for your pet as there are advocates for both. Although harnesses were originally designed to be used with working dogs (such as those pulling sleds), the benefits of harnesses have made them immensely popular with pet owners in recent times.

According to the experts at Voyager Harness, a step-in harness for dogs is a great piece of kit that is easy to use and provides supreme comfort for your pet.

The Advantages of Harnesses for Dogs

A dog harness offers greater control for the owner over the dog. Dogs that like to pull, such as labradors, working cocker spaniels, and larger breeds such as German shepherds and Belgian Malinois, will benefit from a harness because there is less risk of injury to their backs. A harness with handles offers even more control, providing an extra way to prevent the dog from running away if scared or excited. You can also use the handles to carry your dog over obstacles if necessary when hiking in rough terrain.

A harness offers greater visibility for the dog at night. You can buy high-vis harnesses or add reflective strips to the body of the harness, which will ensure the dog can be seen when walking at night.

In terms of pulling, a harness is fantastic because you can hold tight to keep your dog where you want. This often results in the dog skipping along with its two front legs in the air. The dog then learns that pulling will not get it anywhere. With a collar, most people do not want to pull too hard for fear of hurting the dog. The dog then learns that if it pulls, it will move forward. A harness can train your dog that pulling is futile.

With a back clip for the attachment of the leash, it is less likely that the dog (or you) will become entangled in the leash. Oftentimes, when a leash is attached to a collar, the leash becomes slack and inevitably ends up wound around the dog’s front or back legs. This can also happen when a dog becomes excited and runs about. It is less likely to occur when using a harness.

Harnesses are useful for dogs of all ages. Those harnesses that have handles are ideal for puppies and older dogs that might need some help from time to time. If you do not want your dog to get covered in mud, you can use the handle to gently lift your animal over puddles and patches of mud. You can also use the handle to help the dog to get in and out of a car or to go up and down stairs.

Should Your Dog Wear a Harness All Day Long?

While collars tend to be something that dogs wear all the time, a harness is not intended for continuous use and should only be used for walks or training. While some people say that their dog is comfortable wearing a well-fitting harness all day, the general consensus is that it is not necessary to leave a dog in a harness all day long.

A harness can become uncomfortable for a dog, and many do not like wearing them. Harnesses can irritate the skin and continuous rubbing of the material can cause the dog to lose hair in the area being rubbed. When a dog is sitting or lying down, a harness can put pressure on its chest, which will undoubtedly be uncomfortable too.

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