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What Are Some New Features Of Accounting Softwares Present In The UK Market?

Accounting Softwares


With changing times, there is a need to upgrade your software as well. Keeping your system updated helps you utilize the latest features and stay relevant. Accounting software is no different. Given below are some new features offered by UK accounting software in the UK market:

Touch-Based User Interface

One of the biggest changes in software is the UI. A touch-based UI is a more modern and intuitive way of working than the traditional keyboard and mouse-based UI. With the touch-based UI, users can navigate through the software and perform tasks by tapping on touch-enabled buttons, sliders and fields.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the hosting of software and data on a remote server. With cloud hosting, you don’t need to buy any servers and maintenance of the servers is also taken care of by the software vendor.

Cloud hosting offers efficiency in terms of reduced cost, improved scalability, and better data security. Since most of the UK accounting softwares are cloud-based, you can expect to see better collaboration features, data synchronization and automated backups with minimal effort from your side.

Automated Data Synchronization

Another great feature introduced by software vendors is automated data synchronization between systems. You can set up rules that automatically push updated data from your accounting system to the other linked systems, like your CRM or marketing automation software. Automatic data synchronization makes it easier to share information with team members and generate reports without any glitches. This feature can prove to be very helpful when you want to automate the process of generating reports or sending out data to different departments. You can set up automatic data synchronization between your UK accounting software and other systems to ensure data is always up to date.

Advanced Reporting Features

The new and improved reporting features present in the latest accounting software have made it easier for businesses to generate reports whenever they want. With the click of a button, you can create various reports to measure your financial performance and easily view data from multiple systems in one place. Reporting features have received a major upgrade in the latest UK accounting software, enabling businesses to create numerous reports from different data sources in one place. This is particularly helpful for businesses that wish to generate reports from different data sources, such as different financial systems or sales channels.

More Advance Lock Screen

The lock screen feature has been around for a while, but it has undergone some changes in the latest accounting software. The lock screen is the screen that you see when you log into an application, and the new and improved lock screen feature lets you see all relevant information at a single glance. A more advanced lock screen feature allows you to view relevant information such as upcoming calendar events, outstanding tasks, or un closed invoices, on the lock screen.

Improved documentation

The documentation feature has always been a part of accounting software, but the latest version allows you to create interactive documentation. This means that you can add videos, images, and links to your documents, making them more visually appealing and helpful. UK Accounting software vendors have added the ability to create interactive documentation, which allows you to add videos, images, and links to your documents. This makes your documents more visually appealing and helpful.


From touch-based UI and cloud hosting to real-time collaboration and a more advanced lock screen, UK accounting software has seen some major changes in the latest version. With these new features, you can more efficiently and conveniently manage your accounting tasks. Check out Dext accounting software for more such wonderful features for your business accounting.

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