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Top wedding stage decoration Ideas That Are Simple Yet Cool

Top wedding stage


1. The Night Sky

This one is simply beautiful, yet elegant. Most times, Indians plan their main event during the evenings. For this, nothing could be better than using the natural night sky under the stars as the main idea for the decor.

Set up the Stage on the open ground, under the night sky, and cool blue for the color theme. Use, various shades of soft Blue lighting, drapes in similar shades, Lilies and Tulip arrangements for company, and a cluster of lights on the sides.

Some couples go a step further and also set up a ‘Love seat swing’ adorned with either fairy lights or bunches of flowers all over. A breezy evening, soft lights, and an evening to remember.

2. The Mandap

One cannot go wrong with the Mandap-cum-reception stage idea. This comprises an elevated stage platform where the marriage rituals are to take place. You can create a traditional and regal stage idea with a ‘HavanKund’ in the center, and seats along the sides and across.

The sitting can either be at the ground level or normal chair level type, depending upon your taste. Complete the arrangements with flowers of your choice and flimsy drapes along the four sides of the main stage structure. Mandaps are one of the most important features of the Indian Wedding.

3. Bollywood

Are You and your partner Filmy-buffs? Well, it is time to get all dramatic with your stage decor as well. This implies going over the top and extra glamorous, movie-star type. For this, you need your stage to look like a Million-dollar center spot.

Bring in the plush sofas for the couple to sit upon and this does not need to be something small. Go big; a large sofa is Whites, Gold or even Red is great. For the ‘Bollywood effect’, your stage needs to have the exclusive ‘reflective floors’ that bounces-off the lights in all directions.

And yes, mild fireworks in the background, bouquets of flowers, and lots of lighting effects do the trick. In fact, this is one of the most popular ideas for the top wedding stage decoration ideas that are simple yet cool. 

4.    Off-Beat Stage Decor 

Are you the ‘hat-ke’ type? Go wild and crazy with your stage ideas as your wedding does not needs to be conventional. The sofa-seating can be within the ‘inverted-arch’ adorned with flowers all over and drapes on the background. The lighting can be on spot on the either side or even a crazy disco ball on top for ‘that extra effect’.

 Sounds too much? Well, not really, as after all you get married just once! Also, people are incorporating the chandelier for the extra-glamor quotient for the latest stage decor ideas. 


 The wedding stage for the Indians has come a long way from the ‘God and Goddess Thrones’ kinds. The stage today is the extension of the personalities of the couples and offers an insight slice into their minds. Be it the use of candles or lanterns; unique and off-beat ideas are the ‘in-thing’ today.

The stage is all about how well the guests and the relatives can also be a part of the couple ‘It Moment’. So, it is worth a while to take time, energy, and some amount of thoughtfulness into making your stage ‘the spot to remember.

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