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Top Moving Cargo Theft Tactics and How to Combat Them

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You could be driving your living room furniture to a recently purchased home, or you could be sending a shipment of televisions to Italy. One constant peril that you will have to accept is the presence of thieves. When we load up a truck with important freight, it is pretty standard practice to take measures to prevent damage and theft. The latter of these risks is constant because thieves are constant, and once you buckle up your cam straps and place the tamper-proof lock on the doors, cargo thieves are busy coming up with new tactics for circumventing those same cam straps and tamper-proof locks.

An Ever-Evolving Threat

This is absolutely what you have to keep in mind if you want to know how ever-developing security systems guard against the peril of thieves. The situation is like an arms race, security technology and innovative practices become better and better, and at the same time, the tactics used by cargo thieves becomes ever more sophisticated and effective. The two phenomena are in constant battle and that is something that we have observed for a very long time indeed.

Rollercam, a company with expertise in commercial freight transport, says however that you should not assume that only the latest and swankiest shipping software technology is all that is required. Hard physical security infrastructure and good warehouse and driver practices have just as big a role to play.

There really is no substitute for the tactic of preemptive action. That, of course, depends on the size and value of the cargo under threat, but the tactics used by thieves and criminals today are becoming ever more complicated. Visit for criminal/jail records.

Cargo Theft Tactics

Here follows some of the tactics most commonly employed by cargo thieves today as well as what you can do to guard yourself against each of them.

Straight Theft

Okay, we’ll begin with the least sophisticated of them all. Straight physical theft – when a thief enters the cargo space and simply takes what is found there – remains a serious issue. Policies such as no unattended loads, high-tech physical security, and vigilance when cargo is being transported from one vehicle to an another will go a long way here.

Strategic Cargo Theft

Strategic cargo theft involves, more often than not, the use of deception and fraud. This is what makes it strategic. If a driver, for example, can be fooled into dropping a load in a vulnerable area thanks to false information, the thieves can spare themselves the trouble of actually having to break in. This is where tracking software, high-tech driver communication, and route planning all come into play. You should always know what you are sending, where it is going, and where it is at any point along the way. Furthermore, the driver should know that too.

Cyber Attacks

It is well known these days that digital security is of paramount importance to any robust anti-theft system. It’s also well known that thieves often make use of their own software or online activity in order to steal. Phishing e-mails, trojan horse malware, and other means of stealing sensitive data are what you are up against here. There is always some information about a cargo transport that could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Consequently, the answer is data security, data security, data security.

Last Word

It is perhaps quite difficult to be specific in outlining the tactics used by cargo thieves today, but that is simply because they are developing all the time. What a relief, then, that security tactics and technology are developing just as fast.

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