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Tips to prepare your kid for the first day of school

the first day of school


There is much to do to get ready for the upcoming school year, including asking your kid about their fears, anxieties, and concerns, whether they are just starting kindergarten or are returning students. Going back to school will always be accompanied by a certain amount of anxious excitement or worry.

The below-listed tips can ease the transition for your family into the upcoming school year and change your child’s outlook on the delights of the classroom.

  • Visit the school and the classroom a day before school: If your child is switching back from online to offline mode of learning then this is the most crucial step to follow. If you’re a parent and live in big cities like Pune, you’re in luck because the city and its environs are home to a sizable number of  best icse schools in pune, Wakad like TAS School Pune. It is advisable that parents should go to the school to see the grounds and the facility even if the teachers don’t invite them to come.
  • Discuss your child’s feelings about their school, classmates, teachers, and new activities with them: SEL-Social Emotional Learning is the study of how kids develop positive relationships with both themselves and other people. You might ask your youngster about the classroom when talking about going back to school as well as any potential worries they may have, find out what they are anticipating and what they are interested in learning.
  • Read Books with them and tell stories: When your child is nervous about their first day of kindergarten or school, stories with relatable characters can help calm their nerves and increase their confidence.
  • Set goals and intention: Students can set goals for the upcoming academic year in the same way that adults do for the New Year. So, go ahead and try to set academic and extracurricular goals with them. You can also encourage them to get good grades in return for some gifts at the achievement. Many International schools in Wakad keep setting goals and intentions with their students for their future and academic year like TAS School Pune.
  • Leave a cute note with your child’s lunch box: This thoughtful gesture will let your child know you are thinking of them. You can simply keep a note that you love them or a joke from their favorite comic book to get a smile on their face.
  • Take them along for school shopping: During this time, you and your child can choose new books together, the books don’t have to be only academic in nature. Starting again and resetting your child’s perspective can both be accomplished by renewing their library at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Encourage them to do their best in their school projects: Assess your child’s interests to discover how their curiosity has changed and what’s new. What subject do they genuinely wish to study in the upcoming school year? This is another chance to inspire enthusiasm for learning. Ask your child about their knowledge and their questions.

Only parents can support and soothe the anxiety that children are experiencing, whether it is related to the first day of school or back-to-school anxiety. All you need to do is be kind, upbeat, and loving.

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