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Tips to Play Pokémon TCG For Beginners

Pokémon TCG For Beginners


The  Pokemon TCG  is one game that includes two players who battle it out with their own deck of sixty cards.  The mentioned cards can be of various types that are discussed in the latter portion of this piece. The aim is to damage and knock out the Pokémon cards of the opponents you have and win the Prize cards.  Anyhow, here are some general points for you to get comfortable with this game.

In this game, every single player would have an individual deck of sixty cards including Pokémon Cards, Trainer Cards, and even Energy Cards. These three kinds of cards have their respective varieties. The deck is going to be as per the user’s choice and even modified or upgraded.

On the card mat or even the space where the card battle is going to happen, there may be one Active Pokémon in the Active Zone and berths for five Bench Pokémon. The Active Pokémon is going to be the one who would deal harm to the opposition with its move or even capabilities. The role of the bench Pokémon is to replace the overall Active Pokémon once required.

Thus, just like an anime type of Pokémon battle (where trainers can simply keep an utmost of six Pokémon with them), there may be the prime Pokémon fighting a battle, while the other 5 are simply kept in reserve. However, it must be noted that bench Pokémon could be vulnerable to receive damage, in spite of their capability to deal damage.

Understanding the Card kinds in Pokémon TCG 

There are manifold types of cards in the game that you may wish to know about.

Pokémon Cards

To begin with the basics, there are Basic Pokémon Cards that actually come into the Active or even Bench Zone to play. Next to that, based upon the number of evolutions it experiences, it can have stage 2 and even 3 cards. Take the example mentioned here, the Charmander card is basic one and may move into the Active Zone rightfully. The successive two evolutions may only come into play in case Charmander is already there.

To change Charmander, simply place the Charmeleon card on its top, and then the Charmeleon takes the game from there onwards and more. Keep a Charizard card on top of it to simply fetch Charizard into the battle. Remember that any item card linked to the previous Pokémon, remains after its evolution, and so does the harm sustain. It is only the moves, overall HP, and even the Pokémon itself that upgrade.

Trainer cards

The most basic kind of Trainer Cards, that get along with Pokémon cards. One can attach as many Item cards as possible to their overall Pokémon before they attack. It is absolutely important to read with patience, what really is written on each Item Card, to plan the overall strategies accordingly. A Pokémon Tool Card is definitely a special kind of Item Card that when attached to a Pokémon, remains along with it by the end of the game, enhancing their powers accordingly. Once the Pokémon is knocked out, the tool card gets into the discard pile coupled with it.


So, since you know much about the game of Pokémon type of TCG, make sure that you play it and have a great time.

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