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Tips on landscaping your garden like those expert real estate architects!

andscaping your garden


Garden is something that infuses our souls with a sense of freedom. We look at the garden and feel that soothing breeze sweeping through us. But where a wonderfully landscaped garden can make you feel good, a bad one can ruin your day too. Taking the help of Real Estate Architects such as comes helpful. They help us install sprinkler automation too – . But sometimes we feel like doing it ourselves. Thus, here is a sweet guide about how to landscape your garden when there is no help around!

Landscaping the garden like professional architects!

Landscaping a garden is not something that happens overnight. It needs care and nourishment like a child. And then gradually you see it blooming before you. It is no less some spiritual experience. It will not only bloom before you some floral delights but will also teach you patience, parenthood, empathy, and acceptance. Thus, here is a brief guide on how to shape your garden and landscape it like a lord!

It starts with a deep observation!

The first step is to observe your space and understand it. The first step is to prepare your garden for landscaping. You need to remove any unwanted materials from there. There could be glasses or plastic in the soil, or there could be anything harmful to your plants and you. Remove those objects.

Now it comes to leveling your garden for the landscaping. An uneven ground can not only feel difficult to walk, it can also lead to soil erosion. However, if you have any plan to make your garden a mountain garden then steps would be different.

Abandoned roots of trees can grow again sometimes. You would not want this. Make sure you remove all the roots.

Make ways for drainage in case of a downpour. Ignoring drainage can leave your garden boggy and spoil it.

Plan your space!

The type of space can put limitations upon what you can do with it. Understand your space and do some brainstorming to anticipate any issues that might surface in future. If you have no idea on how to landscape, then hire an architect. For example, in India has been sharing its expertise into the field of architecture for decades.

If you want to do it yourself, then take a pen and paper and draw the dimensions as an architect does. Spend your time drawing your dreamy garden and think about the challenges they might lay.

Here are a few ideas you can think about:

  • Prepare a place for the tool shed and make sure it can save your tools from a downpour.
  • You may think about sprinklers and how they would spread throughout. Automatic Sprinklers are the new advancement in this landscaping field – .
  • Decide about the flower plants that you might need for your garden. Know their soil type. See what you need to change. Many trees and plants attract bugs and insects. Try to avoid them where possible.
  • Decide about tree types you need. There are fruit trees, ornamental trees, shady trees, tall trees, etc.
  • If you need a small pool in your garden then make way for it.
  • Make an estimate of the cost you might need and plan your budget.
  • Where will you fence your garden and with what type of material.
  • Will you buy a lawn mower or not? How and where you would be able to use it.
  • Plan where you would use the pavement, where gravels, and where concrete, etc.
  • Tool that you might be buying –
    • Rake
    • Pots
    • Hose
    • Pruners
    • Watering Can
    • Barrow
    • Fertilizers
    • Shovel and Trowel
    • Grass Seeds etc.

Plan the visual look of your garden!

You may have a garden and then find later on that it looks too chaotic. The colors are wildly spread and plants are not going well with each other.

Draw a visual outlook of your garden using either some software or crayons and paper. Decide what color you need at what spot. Where will you put trees and of what type? Know the color of their flowers and plan that too. Know if the color of your garden will look good with your home or not.

Buy the items for your garden!

Once you have leveled the ground and prepared a plan, it is time to buy items and sow the first seed. We always suggest people to buy quality materials that would be able to withstand the test of time. What all materials might you need?

  • Pavement materials that you would use.
  • You would also have a decking space in your garden. Look for what material suits you the best.
  • Where will you use the gravels in your garden?
  • Look for the shading type you might want to use over your decking area.
  • You might want some shrubs for your garden too. Shrub fencing is another option that many do consider.

Sow the seeds and wait!

Now it comes to doing it from scratch. You might want to do the pavement thing as the very first step. This is done to ensure that plants do not get harmed in the way.

Then it comes to installing your sprinkler. If you are planning to buy an automatic sprinkler then too fine. However, you might find it hard to install a sprinkler. Some companies provide installation and some don’t. Hire if you feel the need here.

The next step would be to plant the seeds or seedlings. Many prefer sowing seeds from very scratch and many want things to buy mid-stage. It all depends on you. Know that seedlings and plants will cost you much higher than the actual seeds.

Plant the trees and plants that are the same. You would not want to put plants that need less water alongside those that need more. Plants of a weather grow together.

Shrubs are something that needs time to grow. Until then you might want to sit down on your porch and see them grow before your eyes.

Growing along your garden!

Gardening is not just about sowing the seed but empathizing along. Plants too suffer and one needs careful observation to empathize with their suffering. Look for what they need and feed them. There are plants that are too sensitive to the change, you need to take extra care of them.

If you find this too hard to do it yourself, then we suggest you go for a real estate architect. If you live in Coimbatore, India, then we suggest you . One thing that keeps it apart from all is the way it takes automation seriously – .Radvi believes that luxury is not just about the feel and look anymore, it now is about technology and automation too.

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