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Things to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress Hosting Plan


There are many things to keep in mind to choose the right WordPress hosting plan for your site. For instance, you should consider the amount of traffic expected on your website, the number of sites you want to host and the type of information you will need from website visitors. You must also take into account the bandwidth and storage requirements of your website and whether you need any additional support or features from your hosting plan among other considerations.

Agree? Then read on to know further about the things to consider when you avail WordPress hosting services in India.

Take Into Account the Pricing

It’s important to choose a WordPress hosting plan that suits your budget and requirements. For that, first, compare the prices and features of different plans from a WordPress web host. A basic plan would be a cheap WordPress hosting plan compared to a premium plan. But it may host just 1 website and offer limited SSD storage whereas the premium plan may host unlimited websites and offer unmetered SSD storage. While a basic plan may offer website security only, a premium plan may offer both website security and marketing. Assess your business needs and affordability to choose a suitable plan.

Look for Indispensable Features

Some fundamental features should be available in all plans offered by a WordPress hosting provider. These are as follows:

  • Automatic WordPress Installation: You should get the latest and most secure WordPress version right after your hosting plan is made.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates: Your hosting plan must be kept secure and up-to-date every day.
  • Free Domain for 1 Year: See if you can get a free domain in the website hosting plan for at least 1 year.
  • WordPress Website Migration: Check whether a migrator plugin is available to migrate your WordPress site easily.
  • WordPress Staging Environment: It’s important to get a WordPress staging environment to create your website confidently. Then you can test any changes to your site before your visitors can view it.
  • Speed-Boosting CDN: See whether an advanced content delivery network like Cloudflare is offered to speed up loading times and improve your site’s performance.

Ensure that the web host offers the above basic features in any WordPress hosting plan.

Consider the Host’s Security Measures

Check what kind of security measures the web host follows for all plans. These can include:

  • SSL Certificate Protection: See if the web host encrypts the connection between your visitors and your server to protect your e-commerce transactions, personal information and sensitive data and offers a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for that.
  • CDN: It protects your website against threats and attacks and enables safer browsing. That’s because a CDN uses its own network to deliver your content more securely.
  • Automatic Malware Scan: This is an automated tool that scans your sites for compromised or harmful files.

The more the number of security measures, the more protected your website will be.

If you are opening a website for a small business, you can start with a cheap WordPress hosting plan. As you gain more traffic, consider stepping up your hosting plan to unlock better features.

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