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The conversion bonus also applies to accessible cars

bonus also applies to accessible cars


On the radio, on television or on the Internet, you only hear and read that! The advertisements of the automobile manufacturers all end up mentioning a price including the government conversion premium, in effect since the beginning of 2018. But did you know that this conversion premium also applies to the purchase of an accessible car from Handynamic, new or used or even rented? Explanations

A bonus for scrapping the most polluting vehicles

In recent years, the authorities have realized that our beautiful planet is too polluted and that it is time to react. The first target of this ecological movement is obviously the thermal bonus also applies to accessible cars, which pollutes enormously even if the manufacturers strive to make progress by reducing emissions. Indeed, the antipollution standards of new vehicles are regularly tightened by European regulations, which has the effect of reducing the average pollutant emissions caused by automobile traffic. It is still necessary that motorists buy new cars

This is where the conversion bonus comes in. To encourage individuals and professionals to renew their cars, the government has set up a financial boost for the purchase or long-term rental of a new or used car, on condition that an old one is destroyed. too polluting car.
And the good news is that this device also applies to cars accessible to people with reduced mobility marketed by Handynamic!

Precise criteria to be met in order to benefit from the bonus

In concrete terms, how does that work ? First of all, let’s talk about the old vehicle you might have that will open the doors to the conversion bonus. If you have a pre-2001 diesel car or minibus, or a pre-1997 petrol car or minibus, you are eligible for state aid.
Please note, you must have owned this car for more than a year and put it for destruction at an approved center within 6 months of purchasing or renting the new car.

Once these first criteria have been met, let’s take a look at the new car which must obviously be low polluting. The premium is in fact paid for the purchase of an electric car, or a petrol or diesel car emitting less than 130g of Co2 per kilometer.
At Handynamic, a large part of the accessible ludospaces in the range respect this condition of CO2 emissions, which becomes very interesting for you

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