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The All-Rounder Air Conditioner Solution for You and the Environment

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There have been many talks about Global warming, the melting of ice caps & glaciers, the rising sea level and submerging islands, but how often have you wondered whether you are contributing to this nightmare as well? There are times when you feel that there is a need to develop technology that helps us in reducing these Carbon emissions. For example, having an air conditioner that would not cause a lot of distress to you or the environment.

Air conditioners are pretty much a necessity these days. It becomes impossible to work or even sleep without an Air Conditioner on a hot summer day or a humid monsoon day. Therefore, knowing that there is an Air Conditioner that can provide cooling while reducing the emission of harmful gases is highly reassuring.

Attributes of All-Rounder Air Conditioners:

The Inverter Air Conditioner,for example, is a great option for most places with high sun exposure and humidity. Moreover, the energy-efficient technology ensures reduced bills and is also a way to contribute to environmental well-being. There are several attributes of an Air Conditioner that impact the indoor and outdoor environment, like:

  • Dust and PM 2.5 Filter: In India, dust is present everywhere, and the anti-dust filters present in modern Air Conditioners ensure that the system keeps running while delivering clean air. PM 2.5 Filters are a great addition to most Air Conditioner systems as they filter out allergy-triggering pollen and other fine particles for a cleaner cooling experience.
  • Low Noise Operation: For those of you who are light sleepers and really dread noisy surroundings, these Inverter Air Conditioners work noiselessly. You can switch on the Air Conditioner and work or relax peacefully without the external compressor or stabiliser noises.
  • Auto Temperature Adjustment: It automatically adjusts the cooling to provide a comfortable night of uninterrupted sleep. The Air Conditioner automatically senses the heat emission of the environment and adjusts the temperature to ensure that you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the settings.
  • Stylish, Space-efficient and User-Friendly: The sleek construction and fabulous finish go very well with the aesthetics of your home. The indoor and outdoor units are compact and do not take much space. In addition, there is a backlit function on the remote, this glow in the dark ability is a saviour on sleepy nights. Also, the Temperature Display design makes it easier to operate without straining your eyes.
  • Excellent Internal Components: Most Air Conditioners like the 2 ton Sanyo air conditioner feature pure copper coils for quicker heat transfer and greater corrosion resistance. The condenser ensures a long life, and the compressor is efficient in operation. This ensures that the Air Conditioner, once bought, will continue to provide services for an extended period.
  • Environment-Friendly Refrigerant: The modern Air Conditioners come with an eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant that safeguards the condenser from fire hazards. Furthermore, the use of the R32 Refrigerant minimises the damage to the ozone layer. This gas acts as a replacement for the other poisonous gases that were used before ensuring lesser Greenhouse emissions.

Need of the hour:

Looks and cooling are now part of every Inverter AC in India. However, buying an energy-saving and environment-friendly Air Conditioner would ensure that the planet remains protected while providing us comfort. Moreover, these all-rounder Air Conditioners are available easily and come within a reasonable price range.

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