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Stunning Makeup Looks That Will Match Your Black Dress

Makeup Looks to Flawlessly


We all have that long, elegant black dress we want to wear for an event. Or we may have a favourite little black dress – a staple in fashion history – that is our go-to option for any party. Black dresses – long or short, body-fitting or flared, are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in any girl’s wardrobe. You can easily pick out a black dress for any occasion, but figuring out the best makeup look to complement it can be challenging.

You might want to go classic, with smokey eyes and dark burgundy lips, or keep it subtle with a natural makeup look. But, believe it or not, there are several confusing options to choose from. Luckily, tira has compiled a list of makeup hacks you cannot go wrong with. Here are the top 10 makeup looks to match your black dress!

1. Nude & Minimal

A simple, minimal makeup look will give you the perfect girl-next-door vibe. Pick up all the nude shades from your makeup kit and start brushing and blushing. The charm of brown smokey eyeshadow and nude-tinted lips can work more magic than sequins and sparkles. This appearance is great for easy date nights where you want to look great without going overboard. Stick to browns and nudes, maybe add a little pink, but steer clear of anything darker.

2. Bold with Wings

Opt for a feline flick with elongated winged eyes and volumized lashes to wear with your black dress. You can add false eyelashes to fan the dramatic, bold-eye look to create a hypnotic effect on onlookers at any party. Use a stencil or an eyeliner stamp to get the perfect wings. Complete the look with a fierce red lip – or downplay it with a peachy or pink hue.

3. Blue Pop

Let your makeup pop with blue undertones draped in black. Let your eyes do the talking with vibrant eyeshadow colours like electric or royal blue. Show your quirky and fearless side by smudging out the black eyeshadow at the corners and popping in your favourite colour.

If you’re not a fan of blue, you can try green or even orange. Try adding shimmer, or go for the cut crease look. Keep the skin glossy and moisturized with elegant highlighting at the high points and dab in nude lipstick or tinted lip balm. Ready to pull the attention with the perfect non-cakey look?

4. Retro Queen

A simple, sleek dress can be elegantly paired with a dazzling makeup look. Make a statement with glimmering eyes and ruby-red lips. Spread a creamy shimmer eye formula onto the eyelids with your fingers and blend it in. Remember to match the shade with your skin tone. Let the sparkling lids take centre stage, and keep the eyeliner and mascara minimal. Shimmer up your cheekbones and contour lines and give a classic Hollywood red shade to your lips.

5. Formal Doesn’t Mean Boring

Grab all the nude colours from your makeup box when you have a formal party around the corner. You do not want to go overboard with quirky makeup looks, but you don’t want to look drab either. You can go for a no-makeup look by keeping the skin plain but hydrated. Use a creamy, long-lasting primer, and tone it with a dewy foundation. Opt for a colour-correcting foundation to ensure minimalism. To add some life to your face, brush on some blush and highlighter, and use soft eyeshadow to complete the look.

6. Pink, It Is

Who doesn’t look cute in pink? Pairing that flushed look with a black dress can make you look sweet but also pretty lethal. Light pink makeup works glamorously well with your LBD to deliver a cute touch. Blush out the cheekbones with a dewy pink highlighter with or without a shimmer. Get as pink as you like by blending and deepening rosy hues that match your skin tone. Grab some mascara to lengthen those lashes, and you’re good to go.

7. Studded Goddess

Add rhinestones embellishments to look like the Egyptian goddess you always wished to be! Flesh out your eyebrows with a brow pencil and border them with rhinestones. Glide in thin black eyeliner and mascara, and use eyeshadow that matches your skin. You can even add some blue if you’re going for that Cleopatra look. Some store-bought nail art rhinestones can go a long way to gem up a simple black dress.

8. Black& White

Not a lot of people think about going for the stark opposite when it comes to styling a black dress. If you have small thin eyes, use white eyeliner to brighten them up instantly. Go over your lid with a black gel liner, then add eyelashes to widen your eyes. Once dry, swipe a thin white or silver eyeliner above the black. Put some glitter in the corner of the eyes and finish the look with pink pouty lips and rosy cheeks.

9. Sun Kissed

The golden-bronze sun-kissed look is one of the most preferred makeup looks to match your black dress. Bronze, golden, and black have always been the perfect combination. Warm hues suit Indian skin, and adding gold just heightens the look – whether you’re chilling out in the sun or partying at night. Go crazy with your bronzer for this look, and deepen the natural structure of your face with contour and gold highlighter. You can add to the glow by adding golden eye shimmer to your lids.

10. Drama Queen

A black sequin figure-hugging gown screams out for dramatic makeup. You can spice it up with deep purple or crimson lips and matching nail colour. Keep the eyes simple if you do this. If you’re going to go with bold eyes, keep the lips nude. Either way, don’t forget to add a hint of glitter to your face, whether it’s in the form of eyeshadow or highlighter. The trick to perfecting this look is balance.

We hope these ideas have you inspired to pick the best makeup look to match your black dress. Get as creative as you can because when it comes to black, the possibilities are endless. Take your time to choose your products because these can make or break your look! To make your life easier, we have all the necessary makeup products you’ll need for the looks listed above – and more! Head on to tira and grab all your favourites to flaunt that black dress!

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