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Robotics Hiring Levels In The Mining Industry Rose To a Year High In Jan 22

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Mining industry robotic hiring is on the rise for January in the year 2022. Job opening rates linked to robotics are up over 15% in this month alone, compared with January 2019.

The proportion of companies included in the analysis that are looking to hire for at least one role related to robotics is now up 19.4%, with around one fifth of operations and technology mining industry companies recruiting for robotics-related jobs.

The majority of the positions will be in robot operation and maintenance, with second place going to robotics system engineers or specialists, according to the data collected from a Global Data survey.

According to the findings, mining industry operations and technologies firms are currently looking for robotics employment at a rate greater than the overall average.  The growth in robotic hiring can be seen as a direct result of the increased drive towards automation, which is having a knock-on effect on the demand for robotics expertise, including skills in robot operation and maintenance.

This change in skill throughout the mining industry isn’t leading to a decrease in jobs but rather a need for many mining companies to hire employees with varied experience. Many companies are also helping their employees with reskilling and training programs throughout the world or making investments in their staff’s professional development.

With these changes to the industry, it is no wonder that we are seeing improvements to efficiency and changes to the skills that miners require to enter into the field. As these trends continue, it will be interesting to see what mining sites across the world need for employees and the revolutionary equipment that will be brought into these sites to improve efficiency, material collection, and safety.

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