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Mornington Peninsula Activities You must Not Miss

look for the restaurants in Mornington Peninsula,


There are so many wonderful Mornington Peninsula activities that you should do once you are there.  It is certainly an area ideally for lovers and couples of the outdoors, the sea, and the splendid wine offers so much to anyone visiting and strolling through. Even if you look for the restaurants in Mornington Peninsula, you are going to be pampered by the food and luxury offerings they have for you.

If you count yourself amidst the adventurous and free-spirited then there are myriad of multi-day hikes, lovely natural coastlines, and water-based activities – and for the ones hunting for a bit of rest and relaxation, you have a universe -class selection of wineries, boutique spa houses and even that of phenomenal cideries to pick from. Here are some most awaited activities that you can do in this region of the world.

Herd to the Rye foreshore

The Rye foreshore is booming during the time of day. Visible from the main street, the peacemaker front beach of Port Phillip Bay is where most of the epinephrine junkies take the boats and jet-skis out for a wonderful day on the water. You know this front beach stretches the whole length of the northern side and is a wonderful location to set up a tent or even an umbrella, pack a couple of drinks and settle in for the rest of your day. You would have a hip and hearty time for sure.

Go to Cape Schanck

In case you’re looking for the cleanest air in the world then you must head down South into Cape Schanck. Yes, seriously, scientists make the drive to the southernmost point of the overall Peninsula to take in the clean air that gets blown in from Antarctica. Of course, you can spend some fresh and really lively moments at this place with your loved ones.

Not to miss that a prime attraction down here is the Cape Schanck lighthouse and that of the boardwalk along the Cape Schanck coastal reserve strolling track that leads you to Pulpit Rock; a huge rock formation that rests just off the coast.  Moreover fishing as well as spearfishing are common down here but even a little risky as you are exposed to the strong currents of western port bay.

Adore the View from Olivers Hill

In case it is the views you’re looking for then look no further than that of Olivers Hill lookout. This posh and expensive type of suburb of the Mornington Peninsula rests on the hills of the Nepean Highway and simply overlooks the Frankston foreshore. But for the most wonderful views, you may wish to head in a northerly direction from Mount Eliza towards that of Frankston – the Olivers Hill lookout point is actually resting on the left-hand side as you drive down and the overall site of the bay is absolutely stunning. It would be great that you should do this drive either early morning or at the time of sunset during golden hour, but on a bright sunny day, you cannot simply get wrong at any time!


So, you must plan out a visit to Mornington Peninsula and do all the activities that this post brought to you.

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