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Make your buddy’s birthday special with these Customized gift ideas

name pendant


Your buddy’s birthday is not just special for them but also for you. You want to make them feel special through your surprise gift. If you are looking for a unique gift for your friend this year, this post is just meant for you. Here are some of the best customized gift ideas that will make them glad.

1. Name Necklace

You can get a beautiful name necklace for your female friends. We are talking about the one by Etchcraft Emporium. It is a pretty and comfortable neck piece with a cuboid locket. You would not just want to buy it as a gift for your buddy but also for yourself because it’s very stylish and looks just like a real gold necklace- all credit goes to the 22ct gold plating. Its pendant can be laser engraved with any word or number of your choice to convert it into an exclusive gift.

2. Name Bracelet

Here is another super birthday gift idea for your buddy- a name bracelet. She will adorn this beautiful piece of hand accessory. It is highly versatile and can be paired with all outfits. It has an open-cuff design and 22ct gold plating which make it look even more stylish. The surface of the bracelet can be laser engraved and customized as per your preference. Made of stainless steel, it is absolutely skin-friendly and can be taken into water as well.

3. Name Pendant

Now comes this pretty name pendant which is a statement gift item for all girls and women out there. Featuring an exclusive design, it looks superb when paired with casual or Indo-wester outfits. The entire beauty of this pendant chain lies in its pendant or locket. On checking out the name pendant chain collection at Etchcraft Emporium, you will see so many attractive pendant designs. All of them are fashioned with stainless steel thus they are skin-appropriate accessories. Make sure you add their name, initials or any unforgettable date laser engraved on the pendant. They will find it lovely!

4. Locket for Men

If you are looking for a stunning birthday gift for any male buddy then this locket for men is the best choice. It is a custom-made locket chain with a cuboid-shaped locket. It allows you to get his name laser engraved on the locket for great appeal. It’s comfortable to wear and safe to the skin owing to the adjustable chain and stainless-steel material respectively. The 22-karat gold plating makes it appropriate for daily and occasional wear.

5. Car Keychain

You can impress your buddy on his/her birthday with this personalised car keychain. It will not just ensure their keys protection but also keep up their style. It is an innovative car accessory that is fashioned like a car and can be customized with laser technology.


Try any of the above-mentioned customized gifts for your buddy’s birthday this time. We are sure they will be super happy with your present. You will be able to bring a sweet smile on their face with such an amazing custom-made gift.

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