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Is Your Pest Control Service in Melbourne Really Safe For You and Your Pets?

Pest Control


Pest control in Melbourne follows many safe practices with most pest exterminator personnel well trained in the job. However, concerns are natural about the safety of children and pets when treatment plans are applied at the premises of pest-affected customers.

In addition to children’s safety, there will be attention on pets like dogs, cats, birds, fish etc when professional pest control company like 365pestcontrol takes up work.

Normally, professional pest control treatments at Pest Control Melbourne will not affect pets as they are safe. But rare cases of harm get reported. Pest Removal in Melbourne is mostly done with reduced toxic concentration yet scope for many adverse effects exists.

During spray treatments, there is the chance of animals breathing the pesticide or absorbing via the skin. The fact that pets like cats and dogs often prowl around using their noses exploring and becoming vulnerable to inhaling or ingesting pesticide particles must be factored in.

There are Pest Control Experts who share tips on how to deal with pets during a pest control treatment. Discuss all aspects of pet safety precautions with pest control technicians while treatment plans are being worked out. Insist on pet-friendly pest control options.

A knowledgeable and experienced technician from any Pest control service will advice on proper safeguards depending on the products used. 

Better safe than sorry 

Even if the Pest removal treatment is assuredly safe there must be precautions like sending the pets outside the home for a few hours or confining to untreated areas. This is because curious pets come into contact with the pesticide laden areas when they are wet.

Many pest control services also advise removing the pet bedding, food, water bowl and toys also.

Also ventilate the room well before letting in the pets.

Cover the fish tank or birdcage with a towel or sheet to prevent the spray vapours or airborne particles from creeping inside. If there are exotic animals or birds, take the tips of the veterinarian before the pest control team starts the treatment.

Despite all the pest control planning and necessary precautions, if you still feel your dog, cat, fish or bird has come into contact with pesticides take it to a vet without delay.

If a home is being fumigated with methods like tenting by any Pest control services it is important to remove pets from the premises. The Pest Removal services must make sure removing items that come into contact with pets such as beds and dishes as well.

The licensed pest control professional doing fumigation will have best answers on the exact products used. Advanced pest control sprays have improved chemical treatments safer for pets.

But some Pest Exterminator services apply scents or fragrances that make pets very uncomfortable and suffocating. Although the products used for fumigation have improved some chemicals still upset furry friends. So, talk to the fumigation service provider and get a clear picture and ensure foolproof pet safety during the anti-pest treatments.

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