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How to use Chat GPT?


ChatGPT by OpenAI, launched on November 30, 2022, made a splash in the IT community, impressing many with the accuracy of answers to specific questions. Let’s see how this chatbot can be used, including in combination with other software products. Recall, if you have not yet encountered the technology, ChatGPT is a chatbot using artificial intelligence. He knows how to work in dialogue and supports queries in natural languages. Trained with supervised learning and reinforcement learning. The chatbot is essentially based on GPT-3.5.


We became interested in technology to apply it to different work tasks. At least in scenarios with VoiceBox voice assistant. Therefore, we studied all possible ways of working with ChatGPT today and tried to imagine how to implement it, for example, in business communications. Therefore, in this article we will talk a lot about how to use ChatGPT.

ChatGPT: What is it? 

Chat GPT is an AI-based chatbot that can communicate in real-time, even in the form of an argument, as well as debug code and write scripts, poems and text content in seconds. The technology was presented by the company OpenAI, one of the founders of which was Elon Musk. The universal bot appeared in November 2022 and immediately flew around the world. It was implemented with the help of the Azure AI supercomputer, and the OpenAI technology – GPT-3.5 – was used as a language model.


The very process of learning Chat GPT was interesting. For it, a system of communication with a person and a huge array of text was used, and then it was retrained many times, using the answers of the chatbot itself. Thus, it was possible to achieve even more correct generation results. The developers wanted to make it as “human” as possible and easy to interact with.

Features of using ChatGPT

We have identified several areas in which the technology performs best. Here’s what the bot can do:


  • Answer the questions. Like any chatbot, ChatGPT can, of course, answer questions. However, it surpasses the rest in-depth, giving detailed answers to almost any question, even a special one, as we will see below. 

  • Search almost like Google. ChatGPT could even replace Google in the future because it has an accurate answer for almost every query. The only negative that we could find here is that it does not provide links to sources, which, of course, is not very convenient. But I think this will be fixed when the bot leaves the test mode and other developers start implementing it. 

  • Write funny dialogues and stories. ChatGPT also impresses with its writing skills. The results are really interesting and the stories it generates are quite fun to read. 

  • Compose emails and meta tags. If stories are not a problem for a bot, then it has no difficulties with compiling texts for email newsletters and generating meta tags. Of course, some proposals will require improvement, but in general, the bot copes with these tasks very well. 

  • Develop simple applications. You can turn to ChatGPT for help in creating an application – and it really works. The chatbot will give you a sample code that can be used for a particular app, not just general development tips. However, the code issued by the bot cannot always be used “as is” yet (good example below). It will require further development, but ChatGPT will certainly save a lot of time for programmers who no longer need to write something from scratch.

  • Create content for the online store. Text materials are used in many areas of e-commerce. Sellers maintain an online store blog, fill out a product card and post on social networks. Often, for these purposes, you need to perform many routine microtasks that take time. To solve them, you have to hire a copywriter, and finding a good specialist in this field is difficult and costly. ChatGPT may well help with the creation of content for an online store. For example, ask the bot to create product descriptions for you. You will be required to proofread the text and check for facts, but ChatGPT will do the bulk of the work.

  • Integration with online consultants. ChatGPT is intended for conducting dialogues and answering questions. You can use this if you integrate the service into an online chat for the site. Intercom has already implemented such an integration, and there is no doubt that other developers of online consultants will follow its example. Such integration will allow the processing of customer requests in a chat using artificial intelligence, which will speed up the response time, as well as free managers from some of the responsibilities. At first, the bot will learn based on your answers, and then it will be able to create them on its own.


Apparently, it is not in vain that Microsoft is discussing investments of up to $10 billion in OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot. He is able, according to various reviews, even to retell materials, make plans, including trading, translate texts, and fill out briefs.

An interesting story about how ChatGPT became a university graduate

Of course, this is unethical, but the story of how ChatGPT successfully passed the final exams for an MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is indicative. In addition, all exams were passed on average with good marks.


It is likely that the value of such online education will decline in the future. As one can assume, there will be changes in the labor market, and some specialties will still be replaced by AI, although the state of modern neural networks allows us not to be afraid of this for some time.

Tips for Using GPT Chat 

  • do not use the bot as a search engine – despite the large amount of information that is embedded in ChatGPT, it is not capable of performing the Google search function; 

  • do not take the words of the bot as the complete truth – artificial intelligence can make mistakes and this must be taken into account; 

  • do not expect that ChatGPT can completely replace a person – his answers need to be checked, proofread and corrected; 

  • don’t expect a bot to be an expert – it’s good at simple topics, but it’s difficult for it to answer highly specialized questions, or these answers will be too general.


GPT chat is worth a try for anyone interested in learning how artificial intelligence works. Therefore, we definitely advise you to download ChatGPT apps. If you work with texts, then the tool will be especially useful to you. You can choose for the bot the functions that it will perform for you, and this will make your work easier.