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How to Find the Right Tax Professional: 5 Easy Steps

Find the Right Tax Professional


It’s tax time, so whether you’re an individual in need of an accountant or a company owner in want of tax services, you’re definitely on the lookout for someone who can assist you in maximising your refunds while minimising any penalties. The reality is that most of us don’t know what we’re doing when we attempt to manage our own taxes. If you try to manage your taxes on your own, you can pay when you shouldn’t or lose money that you’re entitled to.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of qualified tax preparers to choose from. How can you choose from all of the accountants that seem to provide the same tax services? In fact, that’s the subject of the investigation at hand. Listed below are some suggestions to help you to¬† look for professional tax lawyers in Sydney.

1. Obtain Their Social Security Number

As was previously said, there is a wide variety of accounting companies available, all of which provide essentially the same tax preparation services. However, before doing any more checks, you should be sure you are dealing with a reputable business. To begin investigating a tax preparation, it is necessary to get the preparer’s tax identification number. The IRS requires this of any tax preparer who charges a fee for their services. A valid phone number is unnecessary for volunteers. Avoid working with an accountant who refuses to provide you with a number you may use to verify their legitimacy.

2. Do Your Research

Obtaining a preparer tax identification number is a breeze. A certified public accountant, tax attorney, enrolled agent, or someone who has completed the Internal Revenue Service’s Annual Filing Season Program is a tax preparer with advanced qualifications. You should not take the choice of tax preparer lightly. You should verify that the individual you’re dealing with has the appropriate credentials. They will have put in a lot of time and effort to learn them and be a rare discovery because of it.

3. Identify Variations in Costs

To compare prices, you must first ensure that the tax professionals you are considering have comparable qualifications and provide the same sorts of services. You shouldn’t hire someone who isn’t as qualified just because they charge less. But don’t assume that you’ll obtain better results by going with the service provider that costs the most. Hiring a tax specialist is similar to hiring a contractor for a home renovation. Collect bids from several service providers by inquiring about their rates and the types of work they can do. Most tax preparers have a base rate that covers the most basic services, and then add on to that for each additional form and schedule. It costs more for the service as a whole if your tax return is more complicated. Consequently, you should not only be aware of their flat rate but also of anything that may be adde to it.

4. See If They Have an Electronic Filing Option

Preparers that submit more than 10 tax returns for their customers must use electronic filing. Any tax preparer who doesn’t advertise their services should raise red flags as a possible candidate lacking in expertise.

5. See That They Sign Up Front

In accordance with IRS requirements, you should verify that your preparer will sign your return and provide their preparer tax identification number. In addition, you should leave if you are asked to sign a blank tax return. If they have access to your personal information, such as your bank account number, they may use it to fraudulently claim your refund.


Considering all of this, picking a tax expert might seem like a daunting task. However, if you take your time and do your research, hiring the proper specialist will be a breeze.

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