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GATE Examination and List of Subject Codes

GATE Examination


The GATE examination is one of the most competitive examinations conducted in our country. The exam is conducted to test candidates’ knowledge of undergraduate engineering and science subjects. The seven Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, jointly conduct the examination every year on behalf of the Department of Higher Education, Government of India. By promoting the personal, academic, and professional growth that can be experienced by getting admission to the prestigious colleges of the country, the number of candidates appearing for the examination is increasing year after year.

Most candidates will be aware that the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the full form of GATE. But apart from GATE full form, there are various full forms that a candidate must learn while preparing for the examination. A proper comprehension of them will ease the effort of understanding the syllabus.

There are a total of 29 disciplines available in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam. Ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Life Science, the examination offers an excellent chance to improve the subject knowledge and sharpen the intelligence of individuals. As a part of preparing for the GATE examination, let’s learn about the GATE papers and the respective codes used to represent them. If you find any of your friends struggling to figure out the subjects from the codes provided, ask them to take a look at the following table. Candidates can effortlessly learn the subjects and their codes by going through the following table.

GATE Paper Code GATE Paper Code
Aerospace Engineering AE Instrumentation Engineering IN
Agricultural Engineering AG Mathematics MA
Architecture and Planning AR Mechanical Engineering ME
Biomedical Engineering BM Mining Engineering MN
Biotechnology BT Metallurgical Engineering MT
Civil Engineering CE Naval Architecture and Marine


Chemical Engineering CH Petroleum Engineering PE
Computer Science and Information


CS Physics PH
Chemistry CY Production and Industrial


Electronics and Communication


EC Statistics ST
Electrical Engineering EE Textile Engineering and

Fibre Science

Environmental Science &


ES Engineering Sciences XE*
Ecology and Evolution EY Humanities & Social Sciences XH**
Geomatics Engineering GE Life Sciences XL***
Geology and Geophysics GG

GATE Examination Eligibility Criteria – Educational Qualification, Age Limit, and Nationality

Can everyone attempt the GATE examination? Are there any restrictions for appearing in the exam? If there are, what are the eligibility criteria for it? Most candidates will not have a clear-cut idea to answer these questions. We have provided the following information to assist them in expanding their comprehension of the examination and to help them understand the eligibility criteria for applying for the examination.

In simpler terms, we can define GATE examination eligibility criteria as the official set of rules that candidates need to follow and fulfil while appearing for the exam. Candidates have to make sure that they are qualified enough to meet all the eligibility criteria. Educational qualification, nationality, and age limit are some of the main areas that they need to focus on while filling out the application. They are eligible for the examination only if they comply with these conditions. It is always better to stay updated by visiting the official GATE website and cross-checking the notifications and related information provided by the exam conducting authorities.

Go through the following details to get a better idea about the eligibility criteria, like the GATE age limit, educational qualification, and nationality.

Educational Qualification: Educational qualification is one of the crucial criteria that have to be met to apply for the GATE exam. Candidates who are studying in the third or higher year of an undergraduate degree programme or who have completed a government-approved degree programme in Engineering, Technology, Science, Commerce, Architecture, or Arts are eligible to appear for the GATE examination.

Age Limit: There is no specified age limit for the GATE examination as per the official notification. Without a minimum or maximum age limitation, the authorities provide the opportunity to every candidate who wishes to crack the entrance examination.

Nationality: Is the entrance examination limited only to Indian candidates? No. Candidates from various foreign nationalities are permitted to appear for the GATE examination. The list of foreign countries from which the candidates can apply is as follows:





United Arab Emirates (U.A.E).

Sri Lanka

The information provided above will help candidates to build an effective approach to the exam. Collecting all the details about the exam will help to establish a proper foundation and will eventually help them to boost their self-confidence. For more GATE examination-related information and articles, visit BYJU’S website.

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