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Four Things You Need to Run an Effective Lemonade Stand

Run an Effective Lemonade Stand


You might be contemplating starting your own lemonade stand. It’s still possible to earn a little bit of money setting up a lemonade stand today. You’ll need a few items aside from delicious lemonade to help you succeed. These are three items you’ll need:

A Visible Sign

The first thing you’ll need to run a lemonade stand appropriately is a visible sign. You can purchase a sign from a dollar or discount store and then jazz it up yourself with some premium markers.

Comfortable Chairs

You’ll also need to find some highly comfortable chairs because you might have to sit outside for a long time to sell all of your lemonade. The chairs should be designed for ergonomic comfort, and they should have cushions on top of them if you can invest in those as well. You can buy them at a furniture store online, or you can go to your local thrift shop, discount store, or lawn and garden location.

Ensure goals

Before you set up your stand, set a goal to keep everyone on track. It also helps them feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they reach their goals. Your goal can be as simple as “we will prepare for an hour” or “we will sell 100 glasses of lemonade.” If you are raising money for a specific charity or activity, your goals can be more focused on money, but after all, having a purpose is the key to successful establishment. For this stand we aim to sell 2 Homemade Lemonade Stand Kits to help raise extra money for a Birthday Event Project.

Act Friendly and Polite

Talk to your child about what good customer service is like. Remind them to use manners and act friendly and polite. With 3 kids, we created a system so everyone feels included and our booth is always friendly and fun. One greets the customer and “takes their order”, the next child fills their order while the other takes their money and distributes change. They change positions after a while so everyone finds their turn (and practice) with each position.

Quality Pitchers

Finally, you’ll need to have some high-quality pitchers to serve your lemonade. It would be an advantageous idea for you to invest in at least three to five pitchers and set your stand up close to your home or the worksite where you will make the lemonade.

Good Music

Adding music to the mix is more of a suggestion than it is a must-do action. You can choose to bring a boombox to the site so that you will draw the attention of potential lemonade buyers. The music will most likely entice passers-by to look your way. Once you do that, you may be able to convince them to get something to drink for themselves.

You’ll increase the potential to succeed with your lemonade stand if you have the four items mentioned above. Start shopping for those items, and you will be well on your way to servicing the community and operating your first business.

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