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Five things you need to know before buying tents, camping chairs and other camping gear this summer

camping chair test


Our test gave us an interesting insight into finding the best waterproof tents, comfortable camping chairs, portable coolers, and much more.

Did you know you can’t find your wheelchair at the last minute? Or have you lost your tent since your last trip? Anyway, we were all there. Improper camping can ruin a weekend. We have a wide range of external tools on Who? To give you the best tips for your next UK camping holiday. Discover five products that we believe will be essential for your next vacation and that you should know before buying.

1) pop up tents

An upstairs tent is a good option if you are looking for a two- or three-person tent and a four-person tent with a stroller. While not very suitable for four families, it is a great alternative for a couple or a small group of friends. Here are our top three tent buying tips: Pay attention to your individual capabilities. During testing, our researchers found that manufacturers do not consider packaging that may need to be stored there. Normally you would have to subtract one from the specified amount. Check how much the tent weighs. It may seem obvious, but the harder the tent, the harder it is to bring all your gear to the campsite. Take note of the requirements for rain protection. Manufacturers offer water columns that show you how gentle rain can be. However, these ratings don’t reflect how the zippers and seams handle the water, but an area of ​​the canvas. Find out more about what we learned about spray curtains and find out who made a strong impression on our rigorous testing.

2) camping chairs

While it may seem interesting rather than useful to crawl into a camping chair, a comfortable seat is always better than a muddy surface. Our camping chair test showed us that while everything is comfortable, portability is also an important factor and unfortunately it usually appears to be a compromise between the two. It is best to assume that well-cushioned chairs with good support are difficult to move. We asked volunteers to sit on 10 different chairs, eg. Regatta, attack and play. Read our best wheelchair guide to see their ideas.

3) Isothermal bags and boxes

We tested some cooler and cooler bags primarily for insulation, but also for transportation, comfort, water leaks, and durability. You can use the cooler for longer by following our great packing tips. With a lot of ice cubes, ice cubes or ice packs, drinks and other cold things can be stored for a few days. However, it is recommended to remove and consume perishable products when the temperature in the refrigerator exceeds 5 ° C. It’s a good idea to pack groceries in reusable freezer bags to separate groceries and organize the refrigerator. Most, but not all, are released, so they can also be filled with water and frozen for use as ice at home.

4) Empty bottle

There is a big difference between a normal bottle and a thermos. The former offers you at least a few hours of hot tea or coffee, while the latter, as our Best Buy shows, offers at least 24 hours of optional hot steam drinks.

The main difference lies in the structure of the term. Double-walled insulation prevents heat from entering and exiting the main body. The space between these walls creates a vacuum and slows the heat transfer. The inner wall of the bottle is also usually silvered to prevent radiation heat transfer. Not only did we test the insulation, but we also dropped empty bottles and rated them for build quality and ease of cleaning. Learn more about our Best Buy bottle and how the big brands, thermo-phosphates, hydrofoils and colds have turned against Wilko and Asda.

5) camping stoves

A camping stove is essential if you want to enjoy hot food and drinks on your camping holiday. If you choose a bad design, you may have to wait longer in the morning to enjoy a tasty roast. EDS? The researchers spent a rainy week in the field preparing eggs and sausages, evaluating the ease of use of the ovens and their transportation. There are three things to mention here: clear identification. The blurry markings create problems with the temperature, cooking function and battery on / off control. Ignition of parts against welds. In our test, piezo ignition torches were found to be unreliable compared to welding torches. We recommend that you bring a spare or lighter game. Sensitivity. We have found that small ovens tend to be more gas regulated. Even a little pressure on the controller handle caused a large increase in the size of the flame

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