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Five Must-Haves for a Senior Care Home in Kottayam

Senior Care Home


Owning a home is an unparalleled experience. No matter your age, there is no substitute. However, our bodies change as we age, making it harder to do the things we previously could. Ageing reduces our vision, hearing, and bone density, making us more prone to falls and other mishaps.

Senior care centres in Kerala exists to relieve the stress of ageing and provide the necessary support. Honestly, seniors require a lot of help, and their loved ones and friends may not be able to provide it everything. Senior care facilities may ease caregivers’ stress and difficulties.

Before an elder care facility can be labelled standard, it must meet specific criteria. An elderly care institution must provide for the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of those in its care. They also supervise personal care and domestic activities.

This next section examines the requirements :

Care and support services 

Care and support services come in varying categories:

  • Personal Care: When it comes to taking care of seniors, grooming and personal hygiene are essential, primarily as concerned with assisting in all facets of personal hygiene and hygiene-related activities. Everything from getting ready to use the bathroom to get dressed is included.
  • Therapeutic services: Examples of these services include speech therapy, podiatry, and physiotherapy. As part of the package, emotional support and assistance in adjusting to life in an elderly care facility are offered. In addition, the staff may assist with scheduling appointments and visits.
  • Nursing care: These include an initial evaluation and a care plan. The services provided are complex pain management, catheter and stomach care, wound care, and dialysis.


Paid old age homes in Kochi should be positioned to best suit the inhabitants’ requirements, whether urban or rural. But, like any other excellent housing project, an Old Age Home should be calm and pollution-free. Some like the quiet of the countryside, while others prefer the ease of city life.

Depending on the residents’ social and economic standing, the dwellings may be dormitories, private rooms, or cottages. The rooms should be well ventilated. If possible, all of the house’s amenities should be on the ground floor for convenient access. A ramp with a sloping surface is required for wheelchair access to the upper levels. Uneven flooring should be utilised in restrooms to prevent elderly slipping.

Supportive railings are appropriate. Short-term patients should have their hospital rooms. Medical and recreational rooms are also required.


The first step is to hire an administrator, who will be responsible for overseeing the facility’s daily operations. Then there’s the nursing staff, which may be considered the facility’s beating heart because of their close ties to the residents. Attendants, maids, and cooks must all be hired as well.

For the sake of the residents’ health, a medical officer’s assistance will be required. While a full-time doctor may be necessary if the home is located in an area where an emergency may be treated, a doctor working part-time at the hospital where the house is located may suffice.

In the care of residents, a nutritionist can play a crucial role by paying particular attention to their nutritional needs and prescribing the right foods. At the very least, a part-time dietitian should be employed. A well-trained social worker is essential to the success of the entire team.

Adequate facilities

  • Mobility Equipment: Many assistive devices, such as walking aids, wheelchairs, and crutches. An example of this is the use of prosthetic limbs. Custom-made wheelchairs and other motorised devices may be included if an extra fee is paid to the caregivers.
  • Suitable Infrastructure: A primary old-age care facility must also have a suitable infrastructure for the elderly’s requirements. Senior-friendly facilities, like wheelchair-accessible infrastructure that includes vast landscaped gardens, should also be available to ensure the well-being of the elderly.

Activities for Fun and Relaxation

All people, young and old, need a good time from time to time, and recreational activities are a great way to achieve just that. A nursing home should therefore include a wide variety of recreational activities for its residents. A wide variety of activities are available.

Social and therapeutic sporting activities, spiritual services, health and wellness programs, clubs, indoor games, and outdoor amusement all fall under the umbrella of “sports therapy.” Everyone is prepared to make sure that no one gets overlooked.

Imagine these situations:

  • When there is no one trustworthy to assist wealthy individuals with ADL whose children are overseas, making it is tough to manage a Kerala home.
  • When a spouse needs to take a vacation, attend a wedding, or take care of an elderly parent, they need a safe place to leave them.
  • When people working in the Middle East want to retire in Kerala.

These are all life situations that come, especially as we or our parents get older. A staycation in a retirement home or elder care home is ideal in these situations since medical needs are met as well. Fortunately, these care centres are easily accessible list of old age homes in kerala or Kottayam area.


In an old age home in Kottayam, you will be cared for 24 hours a day by highly qualified professionals who will follow your individualised care plan. You’ll also have access to an allied health professional network. You may rest easy, knowing personnel are closely monitoring your health and adapting care and assistance to your changing requirements.

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