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Experience Luxury Like Never Before at Shangri-La Bangalore Hotel!

Shangri-La Bangalore Hotel


Time is a commodity that can be difficult to come by in our busy lives. With the demands of work, family and other commitments, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Taking a break by going to a luxury hotel can be a great way to give yourself the time to relax, regroup and rejuvenate. Shangri-La Bangalore Hotel & Residences provides guests with a luxurious and comfortable stay experience. Located in the bustling city centre of Bangalore, guests can enjoy the convenience of being close to popular shopping areas, restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

With a range of world-class amenities on offer including high-speed Wi-Fi, plush bedding, four dining options and access to the swimming pool and fitness centre, Shangri-La Bengaluru Hotel & Residences ensures that guests have everything they need for a memorable stay. Moreover, guests also benefit from round-the-clock concierge services such as airport transfers, car hire, ticketing services and more.

If you’re planning on holding a business or social gathering during your stay then you’ll be pleased to hear that the hotel has meeting rooms available with state-of-the-art audio/visual systems which are fully equipped for conducting conferences. Finally, all accommodation is serviced daily by professional housekeeping staff so you can rest assured that your room will be kept spotless throughout your stay.

Highlights of the Hotel

  • Incredible room with amazing views. With each of its rooms and suites, the hotel offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. From the private balconies and terraces, guests can enjoy the view of rolling hills and meadows, along with a variety of trees and colourful flowers. Inside, the guestrooms have been decorated in a stylish way that enhances the natural beauty seen from outside. Guests are invited to explore every detail of their surroundings, from custom artwork to unique furniture pieces. The attention to detail ensures that all visitors can find comfort and relaxation within their chosen environment. Additionally, amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and smart TVs give visitors access to extra entertainment options while they take in the breathtaking sights of their stay at the hotel.
  • Premium restaurants. This luxurious hotel has a selection of seven premium restaurants, designed to cater to a variety of culinary needs. Guests can choose from beloved Indian dishes, international Continental cuisines and select regional specialties like Japanese and Cantonese. Every restaurant is carefully managed with attentive service and delicious food offerings, sure to satisfy the most discriminating palate. From hearty breakfasts to romantic dinners, this hotel provides remarkable dining experiences that will last in guests’ memories for years to come.
  • Relax and unwind at the spa.The outdoor pool and spa at this resort offer a unique experience, combining traditional Indian and Chinese healing techniques with contemporary amenities. The pool is heated to a comfortable temperature, allowing guests to soak in the warm waters while they benefit from the special healing techniques offered by our experienced staff. Their spa also offers an array of services such as massage, acupuncture, and herbal remedies that can help alleviate stress and heal physical ailments. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of these treatments throughout their stay to get the full benefit of our healing practices.

Amentities at this hotel

Staying at a luxury hotel also allows you to have time for yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Whether you’re looking to have a romantic getaway with your partner, a fun-filled family vacation, or just some time to yourself, a luxury hotel can provide the perfect backdrop for it all. With plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind, you can spend your time however you choose, guilt-free. Some of the amenities at this hotel that you can expect are as follows:-

  • Swimming Pool to relax and rejuvenate:The five-star hotel offers many luxurious amenities, including a large outdoor swimming pool. Loungers line the deck for guests to relax on and a pool bar makes it easy to enjoy your favorite drink while soaking up the sun.
  • 24-hour room service:If you don’t feel like leaving your room for refreshments, then the 24-hour room service offered by the hotel is perfect for you. The extensive menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options made with fresh ingredients from the local market. Whether you want a quick snack or a romantic dinner, room service will serve it up with precision and hospitality. Drinks of all kinds are also available; so no matter what time of day or night, you can always get something delicious delivered straight to your door.
  • Perfect for your children: This hotel provides high-quality childcare services, including qualified supervisors and first aid certified personnel. Their playgrounds are equipped with up-to-date safety features such as padded floors, state-of-the-art swing sets, and protected slides to keep children entertained while remaining safe. To further ensure the safety of all our guests, we have implemented a wide range of security protocols including 24/7 surveillance, secure entry systems for all visitors, and regular maintenance of our facilities. Additionally, all staff members are held to strict ethical standards that prioritize the wellbeing of our guests.
  • Amazing food and drinks:At this hotel, guests can enjoy a variety of delicious food and drinks. For those looking for something heartier, main dishes include a vegetarian dish, a savoury pot roast with vegetables, and garlic-infused local fishes. Dessert options include a selection of bite-sized pastries like raspberry tarts, chocolate cheesecake bars, and mini cupcakes. A wide selection of drinks are available for partygoers to choose from; alcoholic options include beer on tap, red and white wines, and specialty cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. Non-alcoholic beverages are available too – guests can choose from fruit juices, sodas, coffee, tea, iced tea and more.

So, overall Shangri-La Bangalore Hotel is an ideal destination for those seeking comfort and luxury. With its contemporary style and luxurious decor, guests can experience the perfect blend of modern elegance and timeless hospitality. The hotel offers a variety of first-class amenities, including high-end restaurants, bars, fitness centers, spa services, and swimming pools. Additionally, personalized guest services are available to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay with us.

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