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Categories Of Horse Treats



As a horse owner, you know that once you have built that love and trust with your horse, the other thing left to do is to show it how much you love it by giving it all natural horse treats. You also need to know where you will buy your horse treats, you don’t want to buy them in a place that doesn’t provide you with proper treats for your horse. You are the one who knows your horse well and what it loves, so always make sure no one changes your mind when it comes to buying your horse their favourite treat.

There are so many horse treats in the market, which can make it challenging to choose what to buy but don’t worry no more, as this article will help you come up with a clear understanding of the types of horse treats you can get your horse. You also need to know that a treat is just a treat, and a healthy diet should accompany it on the side. Horse treats are usually used to build a good relationship with the horse’s owner, which is a way of thanking your horse for being on its best behaviour.

Categories of treats

1. Custom favourites

There are multiple treats that horses love and they mostly love a joy that is a bit sweet. These particular treats are made of familiar flavours that horses love eating. Some of these flavours are carrots, apples and peppermint flavours. In case you are new to this, and you are trying to find the type of treat your horse will love then you should try the custom favourite treats. The number one ingredient in this treat is beet pulp.

2. Starch treats

In case your horse is suffering from insulin resistance and metabolic disorder, then this treatment will be good for your horse. This implies that traditional horse treats have too much sugar and starch to be added to the horse’s food. One of the starch treats you should consider buying is the omega fields omega nibblers peppermint flavoured low sugar and starting horse treat.

3. Animal crackers

Animal crackers are like treats for crashing horses, and they are pretty affordable. Other than this, you could decide to give your horses a bite of cereal as a treat but make sure you give your horse small quantities of these crackers because of their sugar intake.

4. Applesauce

If you want to give your horse a dinner treat, you should consider giving it applesauce. This is a fantastic treat for a horse that ends up choking while eating. In case you want to save up some goodies and give them to your horse, later on, consider the cup size so that it doesn’t go bad quickly. 


When getting your horse treats, you could try the joys listed above, and when your horse loves them, you can give them to them again. You should also try equine cookies in small portions because of the sugar and horses shouldn’t take too much sugar.

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