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5 Top 90s fashion icons who Made An Impression On The Next Generation Woman

90s fashion for women


It has been said that 90s kids are the only ones who can keep up with Millenials and Gen Z. The only generation that can understand the references and how various celebrities have influenced the fashion style for good. Whether it’s about Jennifer’s Aniston dressing sense in the most popular show Friends or Cher from clueless, the ’90s have a role to play. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss 90s fashion icons who made an impression on the next generation of women.

Top 90s Fashion Women

If you think that what we see today as a trend has just come out of nowhere, then you are undoubtedly wrong. 90s celebs embraced the century’s biggest trends confidently yet never skipped a beat, assuming everything from frilly tie-front shirts tucked beneath bulky jackets to bedazzled tank tops with high waist denim. Some of the 90s fashion women are listed below.

1. Madonna

The very first style icon of 90s fashion for women is Madonna. She is a well-known music star known for her bold fashion choices. One of her most memorable performances was Like a Virgin, where she wore a white wedding dress. Not to forget about the military-inspired life. She is one of the fashion icons who has given so much for women to look forward to. The music star is well known for reinventing herself, and that’s why she is popular among all age groups.

2. Winona Ryder

This celebrity needs no introduction, and she is the poster girl known to have various roles in Beetlejuice, Heather, and so on. Her style is a combination of both elegant and casual. Whether oversized blazers, t-shirts, or baggy slacks, the actress owns it with complete confidence. She is the celebrity who introduces the world with relaxing and comforting clothes.

3. Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston is that celebrity that has given the world more to remember, whether it’s her hairstyle or dressing sense in the most popular show, Friends. She is the one who brings sophistication and sexy to the table while wearing any dress. She had conventional wisdom of feminine forms, which she has continued to uphold. Due to her fashion sense, even today, many people recreate friends’ moments by wearing the dresses she wore on sets.

4. Janet Jackson

If we are talking about 90s fashion icons and not mentioning Janet Jackson, we certainly did miss out on something. She is the celebrity who wore the choker necklace for the first time in public appearance; the rest is history. Whether it’s her boxer bride looks or cone shape bras, she dramatically contributes to fashion trends. She is a celebrity whose fashion sense is adored by other celebrities, such as Christina, Brittany, and more.

5. Drew Barrymore

We have Drew Barrymore on our list, who needs no introduction. When she appeared in films like Poison Ivy and abruptly flashed her cleavage in front of David Letterman, Drew Barrymore was viewed as a decent girl turned bad. Her fashion choices were diverse, ranging from schoolboy jeans and trimmed tees to double slip gowns.

Final Thought

That’s it! We have mentioned 90s fashion women who have somehow impacted next-generation women. It has been confirmed as they say that artists have traditionally been the first to spot emerging trends in clothing. And no matter what year we live in, people follow the footsteps of their celebrities, whether it’s about following their dressing sense or habits. That’s why stars used to experiment with their clothes to make an appearance in their fans’ minds. 

There must have been a celebrity that has inspired you in any way. Right?

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