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5 Advantages You Can Get With toothsi Clear Aligners

toothsi Clear Aligners


Traditional metal braces are a thing of yesterday. With their brackets, wires and bands, metal braces can be intimidating, painful and high maintenance too. Clear aligners that are nearly invisible to the naked eye and just as effective at correcting misalignments are today’s modern way of having a smile makeOver. Looking to avoid the cons of traditional braces while trying to achieve a perfect smile? makeO toothsi is the perfect smile makeOver option to choose!

Here are 5 advantages you can get with makeO toothsi’s clear aligners which prove that they are a great alternative for metal braces for the teeth:

1. Invisible

One of the most obvious and primary advantages of these dental aligners is that they are virtually invisible. This means you never have to worry about feeling odd or underconfident in your smile with these on. They are perfect to use in every kind of environment, be it office, work, or social events.

2. Easily removable

Unlike metal braces or any other kind of braces that are fixed to the teeth using brackets, wires and bands, dental aligners are plastic trays that need to simply be worn for 20-22 hours a day and they can be removed at any time! So if you want to have a quick snack at night or drink coffee, simply take off your aligners and put them back on once done!

3. No food restrictions

Since makeO toothsi clear aligners are easy to remove, you do not need to adhere to any food restrictions. With metal braces, you cannot have sticky, chewy food or even hard items. These can damage the braces for teeth or get stuck between brackets and wires. Even invisible wires can retain food colours and particles sometimes! But, with clear aligners, you never have to worry about giving up any food or drink. You can simply eat what you want after taking off the aligners and putting them off after cleaning your teeth and your pair of aligners!

4. Low maintenance

If you’re wondering about the constant trips to the dentist and how much time you will have to spend getting your aligners fixed, you’re thinking wrong! While numerous trips to the dentist are common for metal braces, with makeO toothsi clear aligners you can:

  • Floss and brush your teeth easily after removing your aligners
  • You can receive your custom-fit aligners to your own home
  • You can update your progress through virtual interactions with our experts so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home for a smile makeOver!

5. Custom-fit

makeO clear aligners are uniquely made based on a 3-D scan of your entire jaw. Once the scan is complete, our experts create a dental correction plan to understand and correct your dental issues. Soon after, you receive a custom-fit pair of clear aligners which gently apply force on your teeth and move them into their correction positions.

makeO invisible aligners are backed by 100+ orthodontists all over India and we have designed over +1,00,000 smile makeOvers. Every clear aligner is made with FDA-approved high-quality plastic material that is comfortable on the teeth and durable for long use!

Worried that clear aligners may not solve your issue? Take a free trial or book your first appointment today to understand your issues better. makeO invisible aligners can correct teeth gaps, crossbites, forwardly placed teeth, open bites and deep bites too! What’s more, is that you can choose for a full at-home dental correction or visit your nearest makeO experience centres or clinics for an in-person consult and treatment too.

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