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10 Fastest Balls By Indians In IPL Since 2012

T20 World Cup


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has gained a lot of popularity since it has started. The fan following is just going up every year since we Indians are extremely fond of Cricket. It started in 2007, and even during the Coronavirus pandemic, IPL was conducted in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Currently, ten Cricket teams are playing the IPL.

1. Urman Malik (152.95 kmph)

From the state of Jammu and Kashmir, he has been playing for the team Sunrisers Hyderabad since last year. In his second IPL schedule match only, he managed to swing the fastest delivery in the history of the IPL schedule.

2. Navdeep Saini (152.85 kmph)

Considered one of the most talented bowlers in India currently, he is the one to swing the second-fastest throw in IPL history. He was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore at that time, in the year 2019. After that, he started to play for India internationally.

3. Navdeep Saini (152.83 kmph)

You must be wondering why he is on the list again and on the Cricket news too. Well, he deserves it. He has delivered the third-fastest ball in the history of IPL. This was again in the same year, 2019, and that was his first-ever IPL season. In that season, he took 13 wickets and gained a huge fan following.

4. Navdeep Saini (152.48 kmph)

As you can notice, all the swings have a close speed and have been played by Saini himself in the same season, 2019, which was also his debut season. He played 13 matches that season, and it was great for him. He also managed to be in the Cricket news in Hindi.

5. Navdeep Saini (152.47 kmph)

Are you also starting to feel that Saini is a hero? He has achieved all these fast spins in his debut season only. It can be said that his speed was around 150 the entire season. After showcasing his skills here, he moved on to play for India against West Indies in the T20 World Cup tournament.

6. Navdeep Saini (151.98 kmph)

Yes, he makes it to the list for the 5th time. He started to be called the thunderbolt bowler of the team because he was doing so well in his debut season.

7. Urman Malik (151.97 kmph)

It must not be easy to see how close the speeds of the fastest ball swings are. Yes, same for us. As read about him above, he made this record too in the first two IPL matches of his life. He made the top Cricketers struggle with his speed.

8. Urman Malik (151.77 kmph)

Another record by the same person on the list. The fact that he made these records in just two games had gained him much popularity and demand for IPL 2022.

9. Umesh Yadav (151.56 kmph)

He is here and is one of the most underrated bowlers among the Indian bowlers. He has picked 119 wickets in a total of 120 matches. That gives you an idea of how amazing he is with his bowling skills. He made this record back in 2012.

10. Umesh Yadav (151.44 kmph)

Back in the list again, he made this record in 2018. It was one of the best seasons because he picked up 20 wickets in just 14 matches. His trick is to make the batsmen panic and miss the ball or play a foul shot in tension.

The Bottom Line

It must be shocking that only three people have made it to the top 10 fastest balls in IPL history since 2012. However, it seems commendable when we think about how these players have beaten their records from match to match, season to season.

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